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WTD: Lockup/Workshop space - Hutt Valley


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Im considering taking on a rather silly project that will involve space I currently dont have in my own garage (because TVR) so im on the lookout for somewhere I could store a car, but also work on it. I would need at least power for lights, but not necessarily for tools as I have cordless (but I wouldn't say no to a socket). Im under the understanding most storage unit places dont want people working on cars in their units, so does anyone know one that might be a bit more friendly for that? Wont be hugely messy, but it's more or less mechanically rebuilding a car.

Size needs to fit at least 1.5 cars wide, and long enough to easily fit a car (enough space I could easily work around a car, and maybe have some parts next to it). Needs to be secure, and if shared the other people need to be proven trustworthy. @Unclejake place sounds ideal, but thats almost as far from home as I could go and still be in the wellington region.

Thoughts and ideas?

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We have a space in our lockup later in the year but could make it earlier possibly , However its in porirua the space is 100M2 split up 4 ways with 1/4 being storage racking with 2 cars underneath and then we all have 1/4 to work on stuff plenty of room for a car and a workbench and tools as its set up for now. Ive been in there for 3 years or so and the other guy has been there a year and a bit the guy that's moving out was part of the original 3 including me that rented the place. LED lighting inside and I have a air compressor , welder ect that happy to lend to people to use. its a commercial unit setup with a secure gate and cameras in the yard.

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