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Aubz 1970s yamaha yb125


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So 1st real ride on the yb125.

Went prety good prety happy. Road for about 30 40 mins chugs along quiet nicely so. I gess just look for the missing battery cover. And clean tank inside.

And clean up some serfsce rust under the seat


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Hoping someone can help..

Iam after a battery side. Side cover so dont have to hold my battery in with cable ties hahha.

And some mirrors.

Also took for a ride today super happy with her. so touch wood she keeps beeing nice haha





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On 06/06/2020 at 19:44, Flauski said:

Ahhh, I saw you this morning putting along Langley. Nice bike! Unless there is another one as tidy with a green helmeted rider. 

Disappointed I had had my headphones on so I was late to turn and see.


Yea thats me i live along thoes ways. Thanks shes not bad eh

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Funny story...

So i sold my yb125 last year and today brought another almost exactly the same....

Great runner starts mint runs great.

Regreted selling the last one. 

So this little jem will be my around town bike stoked as. Needs a tank clean but happy as



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