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Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k Cafe Racer

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Yip, bike felt really good.

Had a bit of trouble getting it to go into second gear and at one point I was a bit worried something in the gearbox wasn’t right. But it freed itself up after a few laps up and down the street, was eventually able to get it up to 3rd.

The motor feels much torqueyer than my CB250. Happy with the position of everything, clip ons and rear sets work well together.

Next its to do a tune on the carbs with the glass spark plugs and balance them up.




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3 minutes ago, Shakotom said:

Man that’s pretty.

reading your thread again makes me really wanna get my cb360 back on the road

Thanks man, a fair bit of work and a stupid amount of coin went into it.

Old Hondas are pretty sweet so definitely worth getting that CB360 going.


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Continuing on with most things being fkd on this bike it was having spark issues.

Setting the points was an issue where the old points plate was so bent and threads stripped that after a 5 min ride it was all out of tune again.

Also the HT leads from the coil was broken in multiple places and these factory coils have the lead built into them. 

Ordered a brand new aftermarket coil set and a complete genuine points plate. 

While I did that I swapped out the air fuel mixture adjustment screw to a cone type as I was having trouble adjusting it to get it lean enough to not blacken the plugs

Progress pics 






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Installed and set the points gaps.

Gave it a quick tune with the glass plugs and took it for a ride.

So much better now, throttle is crisp and no stuttering under acceleration.

I was worried as a lot of people have trouble running CV carbs with trumpets but everything seems fine. Eventually I’d like to get it on the dyno.

Came back and pulled the plugs. They lookish, one is running a bit leaner than the other but I think I can tune that out with the air/fuel mix.

Had an issue with the Joker Machine tachometer blanking plug as it has no O ring to seal off oil which lead to a massive oil leak. Bunged in a fibre washer which did nothing. I’ll have to buy an o ring kit and try a few.






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Been running this round a bit, not too far from the house but just enough to get the motor warmed up. Runs better and better as the engine breaks in.

Its loud and sounded a bit tinny so I cracked open the supertrapp and found an ok amount of baffle packing wrapped in masking tape.


Brought some new packing which was a bit more like a cloud than a blanket so I packed that inside and wrapped it in the OG packing. The result was a much more bulkier baffle also upgraded the strapping with steel zip ties to hold it tighter.

Since these are a Supertrapp style exhaust they have a heap of exhaust rings which are spaced with washers, the space between the rings lets the exhaust out. I ended up removing 3 to reduce the noise. Quite cool how adjustable it is. Anyways I’ll see what it all sounds like tomorrow as it got too late to fire it up. 






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Sounds pretty much the same lol, maybe a bit more deeper sounding but still loud. Fk it loud pipes save lives.

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