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Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

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thing had no compression when i got it home, thinking it was a stuck ring, had been sitting for a looooong time. someone had done a shit job at replacing crank seal at some stage and pushed it like 15mm more in than it should have been so sorted that. clutch was also rusted together so stripped that and gave it a birthday.


Exhaust was so fucking lol, was pretty rusty, there was actually 4, yes 4 bolts wanged into the rust hole, bird pood up and then had JB weld smeared all over them. soot on the bolts indicated that it ran like this, but must have been fucking slow as 60-70% of the header was blocked!!




She was incredibly rusty and mucho difficult to weld but i eventually chased my tail enough with it and got it sealed up

Bore was in pretty good nick so a quick light hone and new piston and rings got it sorted. seems to run well now, just need to sort that crab.


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oh yeah stuff has happened!

well stone the flamin galahs once again @BLIZZO has been beavering away and banged a chain on, it now moves under its own steam. having taking it for a ride it got to 65km/h without any dramas, playing with the sprockets and i could definitely see the needle creeping further. 

The fuel leak was actually the fuel tap - new article from ebay sorted that. Ordered new shoes for it too, only the finest cheng shins and vee rubbers for this stallion. feat Blizz's hooves 


also bought aliexpress rear fender with built in light and Blizzshop customs wanged it on. if only sugar were as sweet as him. 


unfortunately it has a slight miss at mid throttle and cuts out intermittently, probably ignition related. next mission is to fit the tyres, then try and resolve this gremlin and pest into the sunset. here it is next to its big brother XL250


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