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Jesse's Toyota Mark ii Grande gx61


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Working on getting this a fresh warrant so the fiddling can begin- failed on a small rust patch behind rear bumper, frayed seatbelt and spare tyre not secure- should be in for recheck tomorrow

Now have a complete manual conversion attached to a quieter 1ge, bc gold coilovers already welded to cert spec that require crack testing and some watanabe centre caps and valves on the way from Rhd japan.



The mx73 bcs have the camber plates orientated a different way and slightly different spacing as shown in parts car they came on so I'm having some cut to suit my strut towers to avoid nasty hole filing 


Had a friend tidy up the manual pedals- I actually bought two whole cars for the manual pedals which turned out to be bodged. Thankfully @Barnz.NZ had an old contact who had a correct set sitting there 





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Have been smashing around the upper north island in this for the last month burning through 50 litres fuel every 300-350kms :ph34r:

Took the opportunity to use dads hoist while I was up there to do the tricky bits on my manual conversion.

Removed the foot handbrake pedal and fitted a normal handbrake - still reach for the bloody release lever every time - and fitted the clutch pedal and swapped brake pedal









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While up at dads he walked me through giving one of my 1ggeu heads a bit of a tidy up.

I pulled the valves out, all twenty f#@king four, then pissed four hours away sitting them on a wire wheel on a bench grinder cleaning all the carbon off.


Next I degreased everything and waterblasted the bare head before pulling out old valve seals and replacing with new ($100 Ebay full gasket kit)


Reassembled all the valves after lapping them in at some point, torqued the cams down and checked clearance to shims in buckets and all within spec, put my fancy wrinkle painted cam covers on and called it a day (better part of 3 days work) 



This was a bit of a low budget refurb to get one of these engines in and going for Toyota fest which is sometime around the end of March. Was also good to learn how properly disassemble and label everything to go back in order to the point where I'm fairly confident doing the two others I have in stock which I'll have resurfaced and acid dipped professionally.


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Gave everything a good clean yesterday after maximum road tripping for the annual japanese old car meet in Auckland today. Fitted this wee 300mm sportline I purchased from upgarage20190119_184840.thumb.jpg.8778396506ce9c11df81b77a50dbe03b.jpg



Came home motivated and ripped the engine and box out to do manual swap since I'm still on holiday. The hydraulic lifters in this are doing my head in with their loud tapping so I'm swapping in another 1ge that's connected to the w55 I pulled from a gx60 temporarily untill I have a twincam engine ready to go. Quite possibly the filthiest engine bay or any car I've owned with oil of some sort everywhere on drivers side of engine bay and clean bare metal exposed on bottom of firewall so tomorrow's mission is to deal to that. You can also see my crude bracketry made to support twin headlights and grill which I will revisit at some point!


Peep the gz10 lurking in the back ground8-) - will get it's own thread when things get moving

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Finished the manual conversion bar reverse switch and centre console this afternoon. f0870k.jpgExcuse the gearknob, somehow it's all I have in the shed after playing with dirty datsuns for a few years! I Decided I'll get the engine bay painted when I twincam swap it in the next month or two so just gave it a quick degrease and wacked it in. Retained the engine loom from the car as these engine looms have the wiper loom integrated and my fancy import wipers have a soft stop to tuck under bonnet/valance so had to piss around disconnecting crumbly 35 year old injector plugs with sausage fingers.For other people searching front half of driveshaft for auto is 598mm flange to tip of yoke manual is 698mm.


Watanabe centre caps and valves finally arrived from Rhdjapan. Valves will go on with a tyre change at some point. 


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Cut the shift gaiter washer off a legacy shift knob and snagged the rubber accordion boot from the soarer since it was from something else anyway both are temporary items untill I have a leather boot made. This pic also really brings out the colour difference from centre console to dash :cry:


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On 03/11/2019 at 17:38, dspec_tt131 said:

Repainted brake booster and did some more assembly today. Gave the guards a good scrub down and cleaned the drain channels out. 

What are you guys using to seal between guards and body along the top seam and what's the best website for acquiring m6 toyota bolt kits? 

Really struggling with putting crusty parts back on so if anyone could reccomend somewhere in Auckland to get front and rear crossmembers and castor brackets, sway bar and lower control arms powdercoated that would be awesome.


Look on flos.ie for bolt kits man 

or try NST even though they would be an arm and a leg 


flo has 150 pce kits 

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Head I rebuilt at the beginning of the year went to the engine builders with block and rotating assembly to get fitted turned out to be severely bent and very soft. Should probably have had this checked before spending the better part of three days reconditioning it. Pulled another one from stock that checked out ok so I get to do it all again. Practice makes perfect?

After a bit of searching I grabbed some new m6 bolts from car clips nz working out to about 50c for 50 so have started piecing brake lines, air conditioning lines and powersteering lines back together. Also grabbed some new brake line grommets and distributor O-ring via megazip just awaiting brake master cylinder and some other pieces from rock auto to to complete brake system.

Hit a bit of a snag with the air conditioning compressor in the way the lines enter it. 1gge (ribbed pulley) has a press in fitting with a bolt holding it down and 1geu (v belt pulley) just has a straight thread on sleeve and I cant un bolt and swap the housing as they're different pcd so hoping I can cut fittings off a set of ga70 lines and have them welded to my gx61 lines?



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