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Jesse's Toyota Mark ii Grande gx61


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@Barnz.NZ had a batch of leather shifter boots made up, much nicer than the poorly fitting rubber accordion that's been in place for 2 years20201208_115036.thumb.jpg.d1dfadc6dd1f097a83e6d444003272e6.jpg

Have been driving this every chance I get, still doesn't feel real being able to its been that long.

Planning to find another 1gge long block to assemble the supercharger on a stand to set everything up 100%. 

Have been trawling Google to find any more photos or specs or anything for the kit, have ordered a couple of Japanese 'Carboy' magazines from YAJ that have a few gems inside.



There is temptation to twin charge with the hks single turbo manifold that often pop up (currently a NOS one being sold locally)





Must refrain. 

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Thread is just turning into assorted magazine articles at this point...



My kit is posted on the bottom right and is showing it originally came with an intercooler. The thing is the supercharger is directly bolted to intake manifold which is directly bolted to the engine so how???

I also purchased a unidentified hks F-con Pfc from yahoo just to see what exactly they are20210308_194842.thumb.jpg.eec2eba871b452e655ba2c8a7617424a.jpg


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F-con plugged in and ready to go. 20210415_160807.thumb.jpg.a3e84cd9784c119aa8ef16edcc3251ab.jpg

Just needed to run the map sensor plug and boost gauge hose through the firewall grommet. There is a nice amount of length on the f-con harness to tuck it somewhere else as there is no space by the toyota ecu with the glove box sleeve in 

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