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Welder/ Fabricator Looking for work in Canterbury

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Im looking at moving back to ChCh or surrounding area as the work culture in my current job has changed in the last few mouths.ive had a look on trademe and there is alot of  recruitment agencies looking for workers and in the past ive used them with not much luck.So ill try here to see if i can get the heads up on any jobs that are coming up.

Ive got 10 or so year experience with no trade cert but have my welding ticket (as/nzs2980).In the past ive worked in general engineering workshop,

As production welder and for the last two year doing more heavy welding for mining sites.I add some pictures too


Thanks for looking 
























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We do the electrical work for a few places that you could try.

Guy Norris engineering,  they mainly do new truck trays, tanks, bins, that sort of thing. Like TMC but smaller.

Bob Howden engineering,  they do more repairs of large equipment and custom bespoke work. 

Or the wife's uncle, Tennent engineering,  they do mostly structural, and building work.

Don't know if any are looking for extra staff, but could be worth a try.

If it makes a difference,  they are all on the south side of Christchurch, hornby / rolleston.

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