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a.craw4d's CBR 250

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So after this,


And this,IMG_20190814_125132.thumb.jpg.76077a11796c2542afd51f206cb23a55.jpg



And a bit more after those photos were taken.



I have a tank that keeps petrol on the inside.

Excited to finally take this for a hoon I chucked it all back together.

Cranked it up and found this,





Floats must be stuck, fuel was fair pissing out of the carb overflows :(

So gutted. Still really excited to go for a hoon though.  I'll drop the bottom off the float bowls and hopefully get them sorted easy enough.

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Also, this is my fuel valve.

Its been so long I can't remember which bit the vacuum line goes onto.


I'm thinking the one on the left?

Thanks people in the bike spam thread, left port it is.

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I'll keep this short as there's no pics.

Gave the bike a good shake just in case it loosened up the stuck floats, nope.

Dropped the bottom off #2 float bowl and found it stuck, got that freed up and checked #1 and 3. Both of those were ok but different. Back to #2 and turns out not only was the float struck but the little needle valve attached to the float was stuck. Fixed that (I think). Couldn't get at #4 easily so left it and tried my luck.  Still overflows.

Think I'll just pull the carbs right off and give them another going over. The rubber joiner bits are new so should come off easily this time, I hope. There was a little crap and green varnish? in the float bowls and around the needles so they need a clean. Seems odd though as I've had them all apart, cleaned and new seals.  Have also sat for quite some time so who knows. Next weekends job.

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Feels like I've been here before.


Starting with the diaphragm side just in case fuel was making its way up there. It wasn't luckily. The needles on numbers 1 and 2 were a bit green but it polished off with some autosol easily. Will hopefully drop the floats out tomorrow then take it to work and give it all a good blow out.

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Float valves were stuck on 1,2 and 4.  Bottom of the bowls are stained green, gave them a squirt and soak in carb cleaner but doesn't come off.  Is it ok to leave or will it loosen up in time and block shit up?

Anyway, pics or it didn't happen.



One stuck valve covered in snot (is it called a valve? I'm just naming bits as I feel).



All the floats and valves out. Will take the main carb assembly to work and give it a blow out.



And the bowls after I've given them a quick clean.


Will try scrub out the bowls with something, don't know what yet.


Is there a way to stop all this happening or is it just a case of not letting it sit for too long between runs?

Would appreciated some direction.

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Wow its been a while.

I took the stripped down carbs into work and gave them a good clean out, pulled the jets and got all the gunk out. Didn't take many pics because I was in the zone and getting shit done. Gave the little float valve thingys a polish to get the shit off them.


All back together.





Then 3 weekends later and I have time to make some decent progress. Should really tip some gas in to test for leaks, que nervous test.







Yes, so relieved.

Now the tank has been sitting since whenever with a bit of gas in it and no leaks, very happy. Gave it a good shake before draining to clean out any crap before chucking some fresh fuel in there.

Hello, what's this?


Fuck you with a pineapple. Fuel seeping out a tiny hole. A sensible person would stop here and sort this out.

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On a small plus side, the fuel I tipped out of the tank looked ok.


And I got the carbs all fitted up with minimal hassle.


Even topped up the coolant and pumped up the front tire while I was at it.





Then I thought, Fuck it the tank's only seeping. Get on there.


Bonus is that it doesn't seem to be seeping anymore, crap clogged up the hole? I'll add it to the list of stuff to do.


Genuine question though guys and gals. Last year I rekitted the brake calipers with new seals and they worked sweet. However since sitting the brakes are dragging again. I cracked the bleed nipple and pushed open each caliper a bit so I could easily move the bike. However as soon as I used the brakes again they started dragging again.

Any advise?

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I clocked up a km going out our driveway and up the neighbors repeatedly. Almost dropped it once in a tight slow turn lol.

Had a blast though, even if I didn't have the balls to pop out the drive and try some gears down the road.

Sadly I think the carbs need to come off again as it won't hold a steady idle, it'll sit nicely for a while then just drop down and die, if I turn the idle up it's sweet for a bit but will then end up idling at about 4k. Blocked primaries?

Need to get my stunt double to take this for a spin and see if it's ok through the revs and gears.

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As much as it pains me to do this, this is now up for sale.

Since the last update I've cleaned the carbs and fixed the fuel tank. Managed to clean all the matt black off the tank too ready to paint.  Also have a set of rebuilt forks, a warrantable rear disc and new pads, spare set of leads and coils, and a good condition rear mud/chain guard to go with it.  The brakes have jammed on at the moment and I'm lead to believe the brake lines could be swelled inside so these will need replaced, have a lead on a good 2nd hand set (may only be the rear brakes, will check this weekend). Will need tires as they are old and hard, and a battery for a wof. Fairly sure everything else is good and works as it should. Rego on hold.

I just don't have the time to sort this and have lost a lot of motivation towards it. As much as I'd love to keep it it's also unrealistic that I'll even ride it. :(

Would be happy with $1000 to a fellow oldschooler.


Edit. Checked the brakes today and only the rear was jammed. Also tipped some fresh fuel down the fuel line and jump started it, started first pop.

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