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Thought instead of trying to keep threads updated and starting new ones i'd just put them all in one place then update the thread as i work on one of them.

So in this pic' is,

2 x Suzuki B120s (one currently running) .......SOLD

Suzuki A50

Scrambler Horse mini bike.....SOLD

Phillips Gadabout

In a box to the right of the toolbox is an earlier Phillips Gadabout which is a "long term" project.



The Scrambler Horse got pulled apart and new brake shoes and jack shaft bearings were installed along with a nice newly re-built and covered seat courtesy of Greg.



Next on the list is the A50. Tried to start it but no spark and carb' leaked like a sieve so found the issue causing the lack of spark lol.


So into bits it had to go....on the table then after a couple of hours the first bits are ready for the sandblasters in the morning.



Tomorrow i'll strip the rims down and get them to the blasters.

This won't be to everyones taste but meh.......


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Thought it was time to update this thread.


Everything has been sold (except one very long term moped project in boxes)


I'm now concentrating on another Gyro. I did a deal with Raizer on my A50 for it.

This is how i got it.




And this is how it sits, going to the blasters in the morning.




Hopefully with only one project i won't get distracted and actually finish it lol.

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On 17/04/2020 at 15:05, rumrum said:

any updates ? cheers

Nah man. Waiting on spacers, tyres and me to make up my mind on a colour for the plastics.

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Still very interested in how the floor paint goes!
Mines flaking off yet again :(

Also the Mrs is close to starting on her AU50, so am still keen to have a chat about you waving your gun at the tank etc at some stage.

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