GuyW/Aviators' 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60

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One of the selling points of this truck was the history of it, paperwork for everything done to it in the last 10 years. Everything from new engine in 2006 (!) to Nolathane bushes and new leaf springs in 2009. Vtnz WOF sheets etc. 

I love the mechanics write up here on the first line: 



Here's the obligatory new car photo:


Also got this thing stuck in sand today. The aged A/T tyres didn't cope.

What are some good options for better performance in soft stuff? I have no idea about tyres that are Supercats. 



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Small update on this slug. Been daily driving it since I got it up until last week when I started pulling it apart. Did about 1500 trouble free kilometres during that time including a few drives out west. Man it's slow in the hills haha. 

The radiator has a small pinhole leak on the top tank, soldered it up and all was good. Until it started leaking again so going to heat it up and re-flow the solder once more. 

Started pulling the dash out recently to tidy the wiring and replace the JVC minidisc player. 

Photo 7-09-17, 11 34 41 AM

Today I put some new speakers behind the door cards. JVC 5 1/4" units, fit well! Just needed new holes drilled. Have put the Diatone covers back on top for a more period look.

Photo 10-09-17, 4 28 43 PMPhoto 10-09-17, 4 48 16 PM

Going to need to give the gearbox some attention soon. There are late and early versions of the H55F with the crossover year being 1985... I'm not sure if mine is early or late.

Does anyone know how to find out without taking the 'box apart? This forum says to look for this cover but I can't find it.



I'm looking at getting this kit which suits late models, I can't find an early one.


Any ideas wise people of OS? 


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Been daily driving this lately. No big issues. Still waiting on some Aliexpress electrical stuff before I put the dash back together. The 24v > 12v DC converter I ordered from Banggood arrived, nice 40amp unit. 

Changed the engine and gearbox oils. All 15l of them. Not including the 18l of coolant. 

Photo 3-10-17, 11 20 36 AM

Went to an Oldschool meat. 

Photo 20-09-17, 8 03 09 PM

Had a ride on an AA tow truck. 

Photo 14-10-17, 9 41 05 PM


... wait what? 

Photo 14-10-17, 8 33 43 PM

Just a fuel bleed nipple fitting that decided to go missing... The empty looking spot near the filter. 

Photo 14-10-17, 6 31 22 PM

Didn't notice for a little too long... Diesel everywhere. Nice and clean under the truck now though. 

Photo 14-10-17, 10 18 02 PM

Back window has a nice sheen to it now also. 

Photo 14-10-17, 10 18 43 PM


Put a new fitting and filter on and she is all good now. 

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