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3SGE BEAMS Crankshaft dimensions

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Just wondering if anyone knows the dimensions of the Beams 3SGE crank as I will be bringing one back with me from Aus but need to know if it will fit in my small suitcase.

I have looked all over the net but can't find the dimensions?

Thanks heaps,



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Cheers for that, I had found that previous and was using the 515mm for the basis of fitting in my case.

Just thought I'd see if there was anything exact out there which it seems there's not haha. 

Thanks again for your help, now to drag 18kgs of metal home with me....

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Haha Gold, funny though as I did consider measuring a forged 4AGE crank I have but then was like why? Will be all good I'm sure it will fit in the carryon case. Will measure up once I'm home and post my results just cause. Thanks again.

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On ‎10‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 09:27, Celica RA45 said:

Sorry I didn't see this I have billet 1s here  std Toyota are 18.5 kilos mine are 15 kilos should fit into your suit case with clothes either side ,,, if you have 25 kilo luggage 

No worries, I have 23kg allowance I think? Nothing else in the case but crank and a couple towels wrapped around it. Its a Toda 2.2L crank which I believe is a reground 5S crank which should be in the 18kg ball park? Will see tomorrow......

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2 hours ago, Celica RA45 said:

toda crank is a 5sfe jobby ground down to suit 3 s rods 


I got the Toda pistons with it as well, as well as the rods, are the rods standard length 3S that you are aware of? I havnt pulled down my spare engine to compare yet.

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