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Auto union dkw masters needed

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Hi I just got a 59 auto union junior with a poped motor does anyone know anything about these? It's a 2 stroke (3 banger) front wheel drive. I have a motor In bits but not sure if it's all ther and if I can get parts or anyone know of a conversion? 


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My dad had one back in the day. I think there was a big following for them in south africa? Probably not the easiest thing to find parts for but they are cool sounding machines. Will ask my Dad if he knows anything about where you can source parts, probably not though.

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Hi Guys, yes I found my way here eventually....thanks for the reference Alfashark.

Early jap nuter - I can help you out no problem.  Congratulations on your purchase! I have a few DKW/Auto Unions, and parts are easily available. They are fun cars to own and drive, and easy to work on. They have a following of their own.  I would be able to look at the motor and tell you what's needed. 

Send me a PM. Please post a picture of the car!

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OK - it's been a bit quiet here - this is my 1959 Auto Union 1000.  The 1000 is a rare sub-type - eclipsed by its much flasher brother, the 1000S, which had a lot more chrome, a few extra horses, duo tone paint as standard, interior clock, rear ashtray, stoneguards etc... This one is in its original colour of AU409 "Moosgrün", with a white interior, with green trim.  Some of you may have seen me about with it.




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On 20/05/2020 at 16:31, Azyzel said:

Hi I hope this forum is still running I have a dkw munga and the crank is all warn I think it got water in the feul and it rusted the crank bearings where can I get parts for it pls.

Hi Azyzel, I can help you with your problem, please send me a PM or join the New Zealand Auto Union DKW club group on Facebook and post your message there.

Best Regards, Brendan Odell

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