My name is Russell

Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

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Suzuki Owners Group, Take One 

Tried to order everything I could think of at once, hopefully more than half of it works / fits. 

List for future reference / if anyone wants to do similar and for myself to order replacement parts. 

  • Por15 tank sealer 
  • NOS leg shield inddicator assemblies 
  • BIG BLOCK! GPX 140cc Motor 
  • MIKUNI - PZ30 30mm Carb 
  • CDI - 8 Pin Race 
  • Wiring Loom - 8 Pin
  • x2 Vesrah brake shoes VB312
  • Clutch, Brake and Throttle cable 
  • Dual Layer Pod 44 x 102 15deg Angled Uni Filter
  • Domino Tommaselli Throttle
  • Petrol tubing neoprene 3/16"i.d. black (m) 
  • Fuel Filter
  • x2 Brake & Clutch leavers 
  • 2008/09 Hayden Paddon poster "signed . . . oh what!  
  • x2 275-17 HF307 Trail tyres 
  • x2 Tubes & Rim Tapes for rusty rim jobs 
  • New side stand 
  • Carb Manifold Intake Rotator Adapter 

18033910_10159003850295725_3031347460439image hosting

Frame water blasted and ready for re assembly ish. 

18056845_10159023767860725_6926890568071how to take a screenshot on a

The plan is to try and retain some patina with new running gear in places required.

So far the frame is a fair bit more different than from the Honda CUB family so this might not be the simple bolt in job I expected, hence the grinder on standby. Getting the carb to fit will  the least fun! Que Rotator Adapter

If anyone speaks to the wife . . . all the above only cost a box of beer! 


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Haha all of that for a box of beers ! Ill take 2

Look forward to seeing if this goes hard for what it is

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No probs may aswell do a little blurb that might be helpful to yourself and others. 

Hang bike from Rafters with strops


Made front and real axle centers equal height above ground level

18197396_10159052896345725_134145441_n.jphoto hosting

Check plum

18197466_10159052896095725_1236061197_n.image hosting 30

Drill motor casing out slightly to suit 10mm bolts (I normally do this on the 125's Lifan's also) photo

Loop some strops front and back and crank it into position. 


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Just the look I was going for.

untitled.pngfree upload image

Found foot peg mounting bar with fold up pegs and side stand.

untitled1.pngimage url

Found a tube that perfectly sleaves the standard bars giving  22mm Or 7/8", allowing the bar junk to bolt up nicely and throttle spin freely, Feels good! Took a fair bit of head scratching. Was Just about to re fabricate C90 bars to suit.

untitled2.pngjpg images

untitled3.pngimage upload no compression

Found a guy down in Nelson selling  Honda C50/70 Kickstart Lever 's which used to be difficult to find, they work well because they have an offset hook to clear the exhaust on the downward STROKE. I took a punt buying it at work without chcking the Thumpstar's spline diamater which turns out is the larger 16mm. But the wifes C90 needed a new one anyway so no loss.  Would work fine on the 125cc's I would say.   

Spent agess trying different rear sprokets to match the pitbikes 428 chain, Honda's are slightly different PCD and have a larger centre so tried the AX100's being from the same family and perfect snug fit.  

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Little experiment. Made a flute . . .  (will wrap it with some muff stuff if it actually does whistle)

the engine end of the tube is capped with the notched plate to keep it centred 



and put it down a hole 



Might sound rubbish. Will have a go at making a supertrapp if it does 

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