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Bent Steering Arm / Tolerances

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Hey guys,

I just got these new steering arms from the UK (Capri arms to go on my Capri struts in the Escort). On one of the arms the hole on both ends is offset and the arm itself is slightly bent. I'm not sure if they are new or have just been refurbed, but do these look like acceptable tolerances or should I be sending them back?






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First compare them from centre of that hole to the centre of the mounting point on the other end of the arm (whether it be a ball joint or through bolt)  
If they are the same then I wouldn't worry. It could be based on a machining template and there is still plenty of meat on the "offset" one.

Second if they are different I would check how they look compared to stock one. You might find that one is purposefully shorter for more turn-in on the predominant outside wheel (normally the LHS on RH drive cars) If so then it will be to counter the inevitable camber you find on most roads (road camber is mostly there because of surface drainage and they haven't scraped back enough of the road surface the last 12 times it has been resealed)



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As K-trips said.Its typical with castings etc and machining jigs for bolt holes to be slightly off centre in the boss. so long as the centre to centre distances on those arms measure the same it will be fine.


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might not apply in this case, but i ordered some refurbished suspension and one of the arms had the hole offset like that, so i looked closer and the whole arm was offset forwards by nearly 1cm. No one seems to know where that one came from

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