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Toyota w-55 to 1uz clutch release bearing magic help/advice

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Hey guys.


So crown sedan is getting close to be done,  so starting to collect stuff to 1uz my rx30 cressida. I have a bunch of stuff already,  but the one thing I am missing and will probably need to over seas order is an internal clutch release bearing. 

Im running an adapter plate on auto bell housing,  along with a w55, with 3sgte flywheel etc.

Has anyone had any experience actually buying and setting up an internal clutch release bearing for this type of setup? Lots of stuff on the Internet,  but really just looking for some first hand experience and cheapest options lol.


So any advice,  even if its a link to a good thread or how to,  would be rad! Thanks girls


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i used a hydraulic throw out/release bearing in the e30 i built with 1uz g52 gear box with gearbox to bellhouse adapter plate.

i bought a flywheel from a local maker here in chch   that used a gt4/mr4 pressure plate &clutch. 

i bought a howe racing throw out bearing from summit racing (cheapest i could find)

all i did was

*bolt the pressure plate and clutch to the flywheel ...take the bellhouse off the gearbox and bolt to the motor.

*measure from the back side of the bell house to the clutch fingers. and add the thickness of the adapter plate.

*that measurement is what you need the face of the bearing (touches the fingers of the clutch )to be from the back of the gearbox (face the bell house bolts to)

bearing kit has shims but i had to make a few more/

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