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Sunbeam's 1973 Fiat 125


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Parts supplier came through. Took a while but today I took delivery of a new donut free of charge.  I’m at home with the Rona this week, so I’m claiming the torquing of 3 bolts as achievement. To be honest I’ve had worse colds, but my excuse for doing nothing is that there’s a stack of polycarbonate roofing in my way. 

Happily they torqued up nicely. This donut has one piece crush tubes, and the tolerance is way better.


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Aaaaaaaaargh! I had a cluster fly infestation in the shed so I bombed it.


The picture does not do justice to the carpet of dead flies. I then set about vacuuming them all up. They are so gross, the vacuum cleaner hose now has a thick buildup of goo on the inside with the consistency of tar from the filth that these flies excrete.

My cleanup revealed a bigger problem, a mouse plague. They’ve had such an abundant season thanks to the mild, moist summer that the numbers have exploded. Anyway, they have made camp inside the Fiat and MG, and have been gnawing on bits of car. Quite demoralising.


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