Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110

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Yeah, so It sprayed out nicely but I ran out of paint this time.

it would have been ok if it wasn’t so goddamn thin and pissweak. The colour is too orange for my liking anyway. I’ll get some paint from someone other than spraystore after lockdown.

Fuck everything.

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Not sure I mentioned I have a NOS front screen from the defunct geraldine Nissan dealer? I got a B210 one too and sold that to recover cost. Still in the brown paper wrapping!

the rear screen I have always had spare, but it’s much better than the old scratched one in the car.



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I scored a set of Deluxe cowl vents too.

I think I like the Coupe vents already on car better, but it’s nice to have an original option. They are broken in 4 and missing a fin but they are always haggard if they ever do pop up. Much easier to repair than the couple of coupe ones I’ve fixed previously.


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