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Mr.Mk1s Datsun 1200 B110


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Started running like a ball bag after fanging away from work on Friday, limped it home and had a look..number 4 plug was loose, dizzy was loose and the accelerator pump seal was split. 

decided to pull the rebuilt carb down, clean and and reassemble. 

Came out well, ran a lot better.

mate mentioned the tallest might be crook, and certainly were noisey so set them too. Then it was onto the dizzy. It had a vanette on in it, which has a screw on cap which is aids to replace so wasn't that worried about chucking it. The rotor was worn on an angle and the cap terminals were eaten. Grabbed a new cap, rotor and points from work and set to it.

i had a random spare A12 one and a decent A14 one,  but the cap on A14 was larger and the vac advance would hit the block and not adjust enough.

so the random one got the green light, cleaned up and plonked in, winner! Goes a lot better. The. An advance isn't great so will see if I can remedy that (suck the hose and it works., unplugged from carb no change). Also threw a new thermostat in cause it wasn't quite right..was a fairly old one I found.

found a good condition glovebox lid in the spares so cleaned and painted that. Chipped the old paint off the spare dash pad, will vinyl dye that this week and put in eventually.

threw some rubber floor mats in the front.


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The exhaust has been pissing me off, muffler hangs low and catches the train track crossing and some driveways. Where it was, was about 3 inch forward of the floor recess under the rear seat, and would hit the body under max gear grabbing. 

So I cut it out and added a couple of inches from the back, to the front and that set it in the gap where I was happy. Had to move the hanger bracket too.

Some slag burnt my moustache so all I can smell is burnt hair, it's average.


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I squashed a non-dominant finger yesterday so didn't weld rust like I was going to, instead felt light dutys included cleaning and engine stuff.

Everything is cleaned, bolts are still soaking, Block is honed and painted, pistons spotless and new rings on, mate took my front cover away to bead blast. I'll likely throw the bearings in this week and button up crank.

Also pulled the Mazda carbs apart and cleaned, came up good so now to bribe someone to fizz together a manifold. Cam and followers are away to be gooderized and head stripped for a skim to bump up compression a little.


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