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Solidstripe's CB/XR Mung Bean

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So here's my old Honda CB125 - fried the Lifan engine installed by the previous owner so ripped it out and put in a XR200 engine I got off some guy here on OS a while back. Can't remember his name, good guy though, lived out Piha ways and had a sweet Volvo wag. 


Any who, gave it a paint and a new carb and away she goes. 




* De-seamed the welds on the tank, added a 'sternal fuel gauge (just for giggles), derusted it, flushed some of the "Honda" badges, knocked some knee craddles into it and gave it a paint (Honda Metallic Ice Tea, Honda S600 red (red line also doubles as the "empty" line on the fuel gauge) and matt brown. (Special thanks to Sam for sourcing the missing badge! Looks great mate!)


* Knocked up some wood knee craddles on the tank.


* New laminated side covers with hole for the filter. 


* Ford F100 radiator hose for the intake.


* Cambells soup can front guard works a treat.


* New oversized LED/projector head light and mounts to accommodate the size conversion, hopefully be able to actually see the road at night now.


* New chopped bars, grips and throttle.


* Running 12V now so ripped out the inards and made a new battery box etc.


* New custom exhaust and muffler.


And a bunch of other small stuff.


Still to do the seat, rear light and rear guard, but that can wait. Goes in for a WoF on Friday all going well! 





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That mudguard is amazing! Rad cycle my friend

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Back guard needed to go, and got annoyed at the prospect of having to make a plate holder and another smaller rear guard so came up with this idea. Hopefully it's WoFable? :study:

Also was going to go full LED with the lights but thought I'd keep the stock brake and indi's as they have grown on me. Hard mounted the indicators to the frame and relocated the taillight to the seat.


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