The Aliexpress Special, aka Raizer playing with scooters

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your last vid doesn't sound too bad.
how many clips does the needle have? I found on my bike (mikuni 20mm carb) when I raised the needle one below middle,  it took a while for throttle to engage, there was nothing at 1/4 and very little 1/2 a throttle. however stock jet so it might be different to your set up. I guess like most 2nangers just plug chop until satisfied.

do these jets fit all mikunis? I have a vm24 I need to upjet for my gp125, wanna flick one or two off?

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Yeah there is still a bit of tuning to go!

Getting closer at least though, the needles have 5 slots, in the first video it was in it's richest slot.


I'd be happy to chuck you a couple jets, but I think there too big.

There 6mm jets and a quick look on Google makes me think the vm24 takes 5mm main jets?

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Getting somewhere?

Should really have bolted the seat on first :-)

Had no time today to go chop some plugs, but adjusted the air screw and got it going pretty well I think!
Although I think I could use a smaller SJ again (probably shouldn't have drilled my 35...) but it's much better than it was with the 40sj!
It's nuts on grass/loose surfaces!!
My boy took a photo instead of hitting record on the run down the driveway where it went fully sideways then hit the hard surface and stood up on the rear just about throwing me right off the back hahaha

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Been mucking around a lot tuning this thing, think I've got it pretty close to sorted now, hit 93k yesterday on a private road...

Need to get a couple sets of different weight heavier rollers, my ass dyno is saying this cylinder/pipe combo is making peak power at just over 8500rpm then dropping off hard, my CVT shift point with the 3.9g rollers is about 9100rpm so it looses a lot of pull after about 45k.

If I can get the shift point right at peak power it should gain a lot of top end pull!

The loud intake + high clutch engagement point is an interesting combo when riding around in town, seems super loud right before the clutch engages lol

Should really get my Stage6 pipe sorted out, should be good for almost another 2hp!

Got my plastics back on, CHT and volt displays fitted


Bed liner came out sweet IMO.

Had issues with a very rusty rim and an undersized tube full of rust holes, swapped my good rim on


Also finally got to try out my Aliexpress lightbar

Stock high beam




It's a bit brighter at higher RPM, makes a huge difference to viability!

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Well that sucked


Even worse was pushing it for ages to find a new nut.

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Pulled this out of the shed the other day, many kicks later it's running just as well as it was before winter, really should get around to fixing the choke this summer ha.

Battery is fubard, reg/rect is suspect too, test ride around the block saw voltage spiking up over 20v and electrics started doing funny things.

Have got a couple different reg/rects here to try and am going to chuck a new battery at it this week.


MopedNZ being the epic GC he is hooked me up with a new shock for the rear!



Should a huge upgrade over the worn out stocker.

But I pulled the spring off and cycled it a few times, was pretty obvious there was more air than oil and pretty much no nitrogen in it.

Stripped it down releasing the tiniest pfft of nitrogen, tipped out a splash of rancid gutter oil and cleaned it up, filled with some fresh 10w shock oil and promptly snapped the gas valve fitting off.

Hopefully I can track one down this week then get Firestone to pump some nitrogen in it.

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Has been off the road since 2012, changed the ownership earlier and whacked 1 month rego on it just so it was legal while I muck around, it must have had reg left when it was put on hold as 1 month gave an expiry date in September! 


Cleaned a lot of shit out of the carb, drained a few litres of super stinky stale premix from the tank as well as the ancient oil from the oil tank.

Fresh fluids and it fired right up.

Soooo much smoke for the first 5 minutes!!


Goes ok, pulls hard to about 30k but it's not exactly fast though


Obviously that isn't going to cut it, even if I'm planning on giving it to the misses!


Was pretty confident it was a CVT issue causing the lack of speed since the engine sounds pretty well right.


Not a good sign when the CVT crank nut looks like this!


Rollers are fucked, super heavy (thinking 4t), wrong size and there's 3 missing...



Lol fuck, look at all the angles!!



Plan of attack for tomorrow is to whack in the spare over range variatior from my Let's, burn the carbon out of the pipe, maybe up the main jet a size and get the speedo working.

I'd like to see 70k out of it, I know there good for it with just mild CVT mods.

Was thinking of fitting one of my expansion pipes, but with the misses starting at stupid early hours I'm thinking loud isn't the way to go ha.

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Parts stash raided



First thing to go on was the Kitaco variator




Can see how much bigger it is.

Also chucked on a good condition kevlar banded belt and my stock Let's II clutch with 1500rpm springs.


The stock heat shield was melting off.


Also installed new front wheel bearings, speedo cable, spark plug, rear brake cable and air filter element.


Not there yet, but it's a lot closer than it was!


This has a 75mj in it, pretty sure my Let's came with a 77 or 80, so will swap that it and keep playing.


Edit: I gave @MopedNZ all my small jets, so it's tuned well enough for right now haha.


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Got bored, pulled out the wheely machine from it's dusty tomb, new battery and a lot of hand choke and it burst back to life.


Really need to order it's new clutch, 3 or 4 wheelys and it loses bite until it cools down again.

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So this afternoon could have gone better...


I finally got around to chucking some rego on both the Let's and the AZ
My middy and I decided to take them out for a bit of a run around town, first 15 minutes went well, stopped and got some gas and the blue one cut out as Sandy slowed down to go to the pump.
Took a fair bit to get it started again but it fired up and we set off and made it a couple blocks down the road...


It appeared to be seized solid!
I'm 85kg and could stand on the kickstarter without it moving at all.

At least with all the mucking around with the Let's in the past it only took 10 minutes for Aaron and I to get it to this point


Whipped the head off, not looking good!


But I did notice the piston seemed free...

Cylinder slide off freely and there is no gouges or even signs of heat seize...




Check out the colour of the big end!  :shock:

Bit of WD40 and it freed right up, but fuck running that again!


Gudgeon has seen some heat too.

So went over WTF has caused it.
Oil in tank? Yeap, 1/2 full of decent total oil.
Oil at carb? Yeah the slide was oily feeling, bit of visible red oil.
Oil pump drive gear shredded like they like to do?  Nope, is in near perfect condition!

*Wait visible red oil?? Total is blue!*
So yeah figured the pump must be dead, started pulling lines off to further investigate it and found this completely blocking the prepump filter

So now do I just slap together my original Let's engine that has a broken case meaning it's electric start only?
OR do I do what my son has suggested and try to scrape up some coin and order a Top Racing crank, Athena HPR Racing cylinder kit and 19mm or 21mm carb etc to build a new engine for the Let's and upgrade Sandy to my Malossi sport kitted 70cc engine...


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I had to get it back on the road, so I took my stock Let's engine, honed the bore and added new rings and all top end gaskets



Cleaned out the oil pump and filters etc.


Got it all back together tonight


Drained the mix of ancient shit oil, Total Hi=Perf and slime from the tank and flushed it out


Whacked the engine back in, filled the tank with Total, bled and primed the oil pump



After minimal cranking it fired right up, quickly filled the shed with lovely blue smoke from the liberally oiled crank bearings and rings.
Going to chuck a light-bar like I've got on my Let's on this blue one, stock lights are abysmal!!

Had to take it for a test run, went easy on it for maybe 20 minutes to let the rings bed in, then opened it up


Think slightly lighter rollers, a size bigger MJ and even a stock style pipe with a bit more flow would get the RPM up.
This engine/variator combo used to push close to 75k using the mangled stock Let's II pipe, and just over 80 with my spannie and CDI, but thinking about it the first thing I did to the Let's was go up to 3.50 tyres which would give a couple k on there own, this is still down on 3.00.

But as it's already worlds ahead of the SJ50QT in terms of acceleration, top speed and handling etc I'm happy enough with it...



For now...

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