KPR's 84 Hilux

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Got the front locker in. but noticed something wasn't quite right with one of the hubs.




the outer gear on the right is a stock toyota gear. top half of the left is a trail gear "longfield"  chromemoly inner hub gear.  machining looks  pretty rubbish to me.  has high and low points all over it.

guess this would load up the outer gear weird and cause it to break?  thoughts? can see it top right best.




Also chopped some chrome  off while it was apart. 




truck has always sat on the piss, as can see in this pic.  i just discovered they are spose to have different springs left to right. to compensate for different height spring perches.  haven't looked into it yet, but wouldn't surprise me if someone has had it apart and mixed them up.

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Bro's vid from Saturday :




more flex pics sorry..   but got it to go full skitz today.  just need to put a bail of hay and a dog on the back instead of the muds









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Have taken this out a few times.  Got the front bead lockers on for the first day. the 2nd pair hadn't arrived. plus they wont fit over the rear brakes.




Tyres seem to seat on the inner bead real easy. Turns out they also fell off real easy.   only about 10mins in one went flat. put more air in this time. then later in the day the one on other side fell off the bead.  Inner beads  were too loose and burping air, then tyres just go flat of fall off.  after some googling.  it seemed to be a problem with some tyres rather than the rims. but my tyres in particular didnt get mentioned.  after measuring the china steels.  vs the beadlocks the china spec rims were at least a few mm bigger than the bead locks.   so thinking the china wheels may have stretched the tyres if thats possible..    anyway, found all sorts of dodgy fixes.   but ended up giving duct tape a jam. 




let them down to 4psi and tried to smash them off the rims in some ruts.  seemed to hold fine?!    parked up on side of rut, tyre folded up past rim lip, no leaks.





seemed legit,  so ready to take out again









Also somewhere along the way  cut the bottom off the gearbox x-member for more clearance



doesn't hang down too bad now


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Brought a new smaller turbo.  


casting on these are pretty average



But whats inside matters right?



Its a GTX2863r.   slightly bigger than a "disco potato"   and has the later billet wheel, so good for bit more power.   uses the same exhaust side as what was on there (GT2876r).

So it bolted into my existing exhaust housing, only needed to adapt the intercooler pipe and airbox


Before and after says it comes on boost about 400rpm earlier. and seems to run a touch more boost. afr bang on same other then where its on boost earlier,    pink lines old turbo:




So If you bothered looking at log above and got keen eye.   you'll see its running 2 degrees advance. because of -15degrees transient trim..   I put the trim in after i took it out for the first trip, to try stop it going bunny hop spec over bumps.  basically making it gutless when stabbing the throttle. Which worked ok, but i obviously didn't check what  happened when mashing the throttle for some boost or just generally driving, then likely left it in the shed for months  before driving it.  Next drive just thinking its normal for a heavy pig with 4age.

Anyway  in the runs above it would pull 15degree when stabbing  the throttle around 2500rpm and ramp the timing back in at around 5000rpm.  after messing with the settings and getting it to work how it should, fells like lost about 500kg haha.   goes so much better down low with same top end.


This is after fixing the ignition timing.  can see how the timing effects how it comes on boost.  400rpm later than with retarded timing, since its not firing half the charge out the exhaust.



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