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Yeah I brought another rusty Toyota. Farmer spec.

Actually is surprising how solid it is, panel work is super rough. but have had a good dig around and its the least rusty toyota yet. only surface rust in a few places, no holes!



Plan was to take it out in the mud then make a few changes. But found a few things needing some attention first.

Wheel spacers


Something not right here. hub gears don't exist inside. guessing they removed the guts after breaking it, then kept driving.




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Budget officially blown.

Was not planing on doing this until something broke and if i actually like the truck.  Money was meant to go towards some sweet wheels and tyres,  but since the driver side hub was non existent and i hate fixing stuff. I'm throwing all the good stuff at the front axle while its apart.  hopefully never have to fix it again


Big brown box



Original 30 spline longfeild axles/cv's

Chromoly hub gears

Auto locker etc..






Been fixing the guards.  still look bit shit, but better than the rest of the truck.



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I feel like this whole topic should be moved to fabrication cock-ups thread


turns out the crown wheel is stuffed too



sussed a hi pinion  front diff today.  in the correct ratio  ( 4.8 )



Just because you wanted to see it again,  some more chrome diff case



The ends of the case were pretty carved out. So have attempted to repair



Tried not to put too much heat into them




Have lost a little bit of diameter, but seals should hopefully still be tight enough.  At least they wont get carved out first turn of the wheel.




Tomorrow's  job. Make these bits go into above bits



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Auto locker installed




These bearing shells came out of the swivel hubs,  pretty tired!



Got a high steer kit to replace the horrible factory setup. Stock stuff was pretty worn out,  so its getting ditched while i'm under there.


Front axle back in, everything has been replaced. just need to rebuild brake calipers and its good to go.

High steer kit doesn't agree with factory suspension and sump. the black arm is just sitting there. will be hard up against sump when bolted on.



Picked up some parts off a mate,   ifs steering setup for the high steer, and turbo stuff off a surf, just for lol's



Moved diff forward 30mm for more clearance. 





Mockery  thread seems to be here :


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So after buying the hi steer steering kit.  I did some research, seems its made to work with a 4" lift..   Not keen.


Cut the shit out of the sump, which gave just enough clearance, at full suspension compression.



Then tried to fit the ifs steering box, hmm thats not gonna work.



Best way around it was to drop the front spring mounts. seems to be a very common mod, for various reasons. 




Goes here.  Mounts are dropped about 40mm.  will lift the truck around 1inch i'm guessing. is a bit of a dick to get fitting nicely, as the cross member is a bit bent up






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Steering box fits!  


The mounting kit didn't locate the steering box in the correct place for my setup.  Angle grinder fixed the problem.  Tig'd the plates to the chassis.



Got it back on the ground, on the new wheels. starting to look a little less farmer spec



Had to remove the wheel spacers on the rear!  They went all out and used spring washers.   These are all off one side



Need to remove the radiator, to finish some welding and make a bracket for the ps pump. then should be able to take it for a test run



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