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So, a few hours ago i got a sudden urge to sabre saw the back of  the  truck.  540mm to be exact




Still going to make a whole new deck at some stage.  as needs to go on a diet bad.  but for the moment everything that doesn't need to be there is getting

cut off.  at least it fits in the shed better now.

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pulled the deck off today.    have 50mm of rake now measured from  either ends of sills on cab. so shitloads over whole truck.  i did some super dodgy measuring  before i pulled apart. measured from under the diff with wheels on. rear was approx 600kg.  should loose a big chunk of that by the time im finished.  Have some parts on the way from usa but more on that later...




Pile as of today, minus wood off deck:



actually some of that  will go back on.  keeping the outer frame, so can continue confusing angry farmers



Because boring update; Bonus  Video.  mostly same as ones above, but with some kp and bmw action



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Used my cnc grinder to cut out some brackets



These ones goes here.




More, which seen some hole saw action



They will tie into existing x member and new angle  braces



only 12 more to go...

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