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So  had a moment.    Will it ever go again?  Maybe


As said somewhere up there. ^  Was having some electrical issues.   I done a half assed fix, which made it better but look even more shit and still had issues.
Short version.  All the power feeds go around the truck about 6 times before ending up where they need to go.  putting the battery in the back made things worse as i just re-fed the main fuse box.  beside the rad overflow bottle.  
I was actually trying to find a spot to put a new oil catch can.  Janky wiring was annoying me and in the way.  fixing it moved up the list..
Plan is  to move the main fuse box into the cab.   This will shorten the main power feed from battery.  Can then grab power for all the efi stuff & fans directly off the battery feed.     Have managed to drag most cables back into the cab that ran to fuse box,  just leaving the wiring for the lights running under the guards.  most of the main feeds look to be the correct length to plug straight back into fuse box without cutting. so thats a win.


Fuse box that needs to be tidied up and installed in cab.


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On 15/02/2017 at 21:45, kpr said:

Coilovers installed.



I needed to weigh the truck to give me a starting point on what spring rates to run.   Also to give the guys building the shocks, some idea  what valving to put into them.

just measured spring compression times the spring rate to give a rough idea. 

440kg on the front corners
248kg on the rear corners  
1376kg total  inc mud tyres/wheels (guessing it could go at least 50kg either way)

not that bad considering each wheel weighs around 40kg.     and compared  to the weight of 2wd cars around same size.

 64/36    front/rear.  yeah its  basically a race car,...









So,  i did this again using the same coil overs and springs. 

8kg springs 210mm long

Front compressed 91mm  adding both springs together.    so 91mm x 8kg   =   728kg Front
Rear compressed 63mm adding both springs together.            63mm x 8kg  =    504kg Rear

1232kg   with almost empty  fuel tank (60L),  no idea how much fuel it had when weighed it last time, but guessing would have been empty because it always is.   worst case its about 100kg lighter than the 1376kg it was,

All the weight come off the front. Which is what ive slowly been chipping away at.    59% front 41%  rear with empty fuel tank.  still not great but better than 64/36

Should be able to pull another 10kg out of the front if swap out the brake calipers and intercooler.   Anyone got some fc/fd rx7 calipers hanging about ?





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Having some kinda issue at normal boost level. (13psi)  suspect clutch is starting to slip. or possibly some kind of airflow issue, as it pretty much brick walls at 200kw even on 16psi boost.  

So in the meantime re did the tests  at 6psi boost

Red line is the same length at green line in above post. - long pipes cut down 25mm
Blue line  is  with weld elbows -  suspension tower in the way so had to use tighter radius bends
Green is normal setup
all of the runs were done within an hour of each other

So yeh, maybe another 20 -30mm shorter should  be the sweet spot.  Not really what i was hoping for but still  some not bad gains through midrange - around 5%. The good thing is that 5%  multiplies with boost.





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Have decided to make a more conventional style plenum to try on this,  will make  it with runners slightly shorter than the blue run.  maybe some magic will happen,  maybe not.   when i tested the current plenum on the starlet it really didn't like it, so that was pretty good sign somethings not right.

Made a vid on the same thing a few days back


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