KPR's 84 Hilux

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New parts arrived .  



These are for the rear.   currently has foa's, which pretty much the cheapest coilover you can get.   they are also valved too stiff, both compression and rebound. so the rear bounces rather than soaking up the bumps.   Decided to start with the same on all 4 corners before getting into shock tuning/re-valving, comparing apples to apples  etc..  

hydro bumps are same 3" travel as run on front.  rear currently just has some rubber bumps.

Plan is to move the diff forward, by shortening the 4 link.  then mount the coilovers off the back of the diff.    this will help the situation in a few ways;
Mount coilovers for more up travel (around 5inch).  fit hydro bumps so they act on top of the diff.   a touch more weigh will act on the rear suspension










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