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Found 11 results

  1. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    so yea chit chat here and some help on the trunk situation would be wicked haha
  2. So instead of getting my ap5 wagon going for wagon nats i went and did this instead Brought myself a 1968 VW Beetle. so thats a few pictures of it. few things in mind that i want to do like widen the rear wheels about 3 inches and also get a bigger tyre so the speedo isn't 10 mph out so i can get more smiles per mile. find some low back seats are on the list to find along side a few more things buy a scotch bright and get the silly symbol off the side so i can then put my business logo on the side (midnight upholstery) and also fix my bonnet/boot latch (the front compartment/trunk) i have mannaged to yea shut it this morning and now cant open it. massive face palm!!!! as for that il keep you updated and post some more stuff and better photos later today but 1st thing to fix is how to get into the trunk so i can fill it up with gas later duscussion here //
  3. Sandy4215

    Polo Breadvan

    Picked this up today. Not got many plans for it at the moment. Take the bumpers off and try and get them a little darker. Also try and get some new door cards as they aren't in good condition. Comments welcome!
  4. Out of Style_Always Broke

    Out of style_Always broke 1960 VW Beetle

    Discussion Thread - // How i started, bought a 1960 Beetle as is where is time to start the project.
  5. Link to build thread: //
  6. Bought this MK1 from Or boons collection. // $300
  7. So after 6 months after my initial post about my beach buggy that i picked up, things slowed right down, and haven't done a whole lot, but i thought i'd start a new thread regardless! Back in December, i picked up a beach buggy, where the only items that were salvageable were the interior, gearbox, windscreen body and roof. Basically everything else that was metal, was stuffed, and i mean stuffed. Rust stuffed. Will post pics when i work out how?
  8. hey guys! im new to this, so go easy! Being 15, its hard buying your first car. So many choices. But in the weekend, I scored a 1970's vw buggy, with a minter fibreglass body! for a steal of a price. The motor is siezed, and the floor pan is non existant.. Heres what it got it as, Discuss: //
  9. ere we go again Its running a 2L EFI type 4 aircooled engine, plans include: externally standard with new paint and dropped on spindles and adjusters with horse shoe's and splines on the rear, more comfy interiour with something to listen to and watch
  10. Hot Dog Flavoured Water

    Seedy Al's 1971 Volkswagen Beetle

    So, seeing as it appears I have a mental issue, and love rough old school rides, I have just bought and picked up a lovely example of a vw beetle. (Maybe not so lovely, but thats what makes a good hood ride) So, its a 1971, so has disc brake front end, which had happerly locked it self up on the right hand side, SO the firstthing was to get that free, hammer did the trick, so I was happy. Next was getting it running, put battery in, wound it over, and over, and over, and did thjat for a while. Then one of the chaps remebered he had some engine start, a few sprays of that and a bit more winding, and eventually it fired up, and that was all good. So got it on trailer and back to work. So im happy. Need to check out the motor, guy thought it wasnt running propperly, as I have never really driven a VW beetle before, i dont know if its running good or not. It does feel like though that the brakes are a little draggin, but that should be an easy fix. So the plan: 1 - remove drivers side running board and guards to fix the rusted to crap heater channel that someone had the mean go at bogging before. 2 - fix brakes and tune up motor 3 - get the whore a warrent and reg 4 - strip all the paint off the wheels with a metal wire wheel, let them rust up, get new tires for the front as they are bald, (maybe before warrent ) and fit some white wall insterts. 5 - drop thje back to notches, which is fairly common and gives it mean camber on the rear, and buy some front beam adjustersm weld them in, and lower the front, Then, shes pretty much all done, put some seedy als chop shop and old school stickers on it and start repping it out. (will probabaly end up selling after its finished, as its a later model, and I prefer the early model ones) Fucvken pics Full frontal dubness Rear end and just to be sure its a dub Mean, should get warrent on the corolla too tomorrow, so I can put all my time in to this as i save money for whels etc for corolla Discuss: // Chur Seedy Al
  11. I thought some of you guys would be interested in this, my mates been building a Kombi panel van for a while now and iv been asking him to join O/S and start a project thread, so today he gave me a disc of pics and said i could start one for him. So heres some pic's: (He will/should be joining up soon enough so he can explain things then) Next in line Plans include a 2 tone paint job and possible a set of bags!