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Found 7 results

  1. So now that I had swindled my way into getting a scooter I thought what better than find one for Beth to ride. So I was on the hunt for a bigger and better scooter for something for @Mrs 64valiant to learn to ride on and maybe something I could ride on weekends also. But mainly so Beth could come riding with me on our lame ass adventures. (gives me an excuse to buy a scooter) so while talking to another guy about what he just brought I mentioned I liked a fr50 on trade me. He said oh I have one of them. Pretty average condition but all there. Well a deal was struck and he brought i
  2. SATURDAY 20TH OF JANUARY Cost is 10 dollars. Covers stickers and recovery vehicle gas. Please message me or @MopedNZ regarding spots. Going to cut it off at 50 people. 1st in 1st served. (allows us to monitor people coming making sure they are gcs and will fit in) right. scooter rides are happening all over the show now days and id like to have a ride around the waikato to showcase that we aren't really a hole of a place and we have cool things in a days travel. so here it is. 210 kms roughly. heading to matamata via some nice back roads which will lead us to te mi
  3. Right, well. Story goes I was driving back from up north, checked trademe, saw this Yellow gem and picked it up on my way back home. Gave @GuyWithAviators a call and him and @Shakotom showed up and collected me sitting on it on the side of the road. The lad was like 75 and bought it new, so I have OG purchase docs from CHCH in 1974. It had a bit of a tumble at some point so the front forks are bent, one indicator is smash and the headlight housing is broke. After about 10 mins of Tom touching things in the driveway (and the scooter) it came to life and it dorts around pretty
  4. THE BACK STORY: This story goes back a little further than most threads, but it is important to understand the significance of such a piece of history. It all starts, with the English navigator Captain James Cook sighting New Zealand on 6 October 1769, landing at Poverty Bay two days later. He drew detailed and accurate maps of the country, and wrote about the Māori people. Most of us are aware of the HMS Endeavour, that was used to circumnavigate the perimeter of Aotearoa. However Cook also did a lot of inland exploring too, and, until recently very little has been known about thi
  5. Picked this thing up with the help of @GuyWithAviators few days back. Lowest KM Passola out. 33 genuine KMs from new in 1983. The original owner bought it, drove it 5kms and crashed it. The grandkids did a couple laps of the property on the grass then it was parked away for 34 years. Fast forward to now. We got it running day one, but it has a few gremlins, which I think are mostly attributed for sitting so long. Some hoses are buggered and the float was letting all my fuel out. Anyway, here's two quick pictures as I'm still angry at it after getting a literal ear full of fuel -
  6. Brought home 2 trailer loads of death/Honda/toys today, with the reputation that at least one of them has, I may have found exactly how I am going to die haha 1st off the one that's supposedly too dangerous to ride 1985(?) Honda ATC125m trike, looks mostly complete, told it was running a while ago, but the gearbox mucks around and it's got no brakes, will try and get it going tomorrow. That frame thing in the corner of the trailer is a home built/modded go kart He's dropping the axle and bearing blocks etc off next week. 2nd trailer is where it gets a
  7. RotaNate

    Suzi FA50

    Havnt done one of these in a long time and with summer coming up I’ve been seeing a lot of builds I follow pop up with updates as they edge closer to completion. This got me to thinking...I’ve been tinkering with something trying to get it ready for summer, why aren’t I documenting it! So here I am This is my 197something Suzuki FA50 Bit of history on how I ended up with her... I always had the mentality of ‘scooters are for fags, why don’t they get a real bike!’ But after being taken out on my first ‘scooter mish’ with a few of the lads, that perception all changed! It w
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