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Found 8 results

  1. Come at me with your parts leads, hints and tips on maintaining patina, turd polishing and good wagoneering lifestyle support groups. Also maybe engine swaps, air bags and turbos, but thats for later, maybe. Probably not but maaaybee.
  2. Will I actually finish this project? It's always easier in theory right..
  3. This thing popped up on Trade Me on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday morning id had a good look and pressed buy now (including delivery). I havnt got it quite yet so fingers crossed i dont get bumped by a silly offer as there were 5 questions already and 3 other people coming that day. Dude is a bit of a character and has plenty of very cool cars but hes moving so (some of) it gots to go. Its mostly complete, just missing one of two chrome strips on one door, and the tail lift glass is perspex. It also has a broken tail light but i think the more common sedan ones will fit . It has rust of course, but nowhere near as much as i would have thought, but where it was stored was pretty damp and the worst is around the roof edge, and one hole in the drivers floor/sill from a bump from underneath i think. All the doors, panels and tail gate etc is really good and the rego is on hold. Engine hasnt run for years, and is a 2300cc inline six with a single dual throat weber that produced a claimed 80kW @ 5300 rpm and 184Nm @ 3000 rpm when new. Some youtubing of 2300S Coupes show that the engine definitely has some potential! Also has bench seats, 4 speed column change and patina. Plan is to fix the rust, repaint the roof, clear coat the rest, lower and roll. If plan A of recommissioning the existing driveline doesn't work out, i'm open to something silly just so as long as its I6. Cars history (as i understand it) is that its a low milage car, and one of only a few (2-5) RHD models in NZ. Sign writing (and blue repaint over burgundy) was for Nautilus Marine of Napier, after which it was in a big private collection there, then bought buy the current owner to do up and turn into a caravan towing cruiser, but over taken by too many other projects. Pics below are from trade me: Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49262-azzurros-1966-fiat-duemilatrecento-familiare-discussione/
  4. Hi , picked this up today for free was going to get crushed. discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/53538-maxpower-1936-stewart-beater-pick-up-discussion/
  5. My name is Jeffy and this is my truck. Figured I should put up a build thread for this now that ive started working on this, shes a 1947 Chevrolet 3100 that I brought in February this year off my bosses mate just out of Hamilton. Until now I have had a few mid eighty's shitters pass through my hands but had always wanted to take on a proper project that I can put in some real effort into rather then just doing glorified maintenance. The dream had been to buy an early 60's Chevy pick up but they had always been out of my price bracket so figured it was not gonna happen in the near future but then this came up and after selling off a lot of excess cars and parts and a little bit of help from the bank of mum and dad we are where we are today. Im only an apprentice so progress will be slow as the money trickles in but im lucky to be surrounded by many knowledgeable people so I hope to be able to do all the work myself. Running gear: Mitsi L200 Chassis RX7 Batty brakes up front and a EA Falcon LSD rear end Refreshed 305 Chev converted to Carb with a Turbo 350. Have sold the box to fund a manual. Truck is NZ new so factory RHD Cab has been dropped over the chassis with the intention is for it to sit on bang on 100mm without having to lower the suspension. Im sure there is heaps more to say but first thing is to do all the rust in the cab so got it on the rotisserie in the weekend and started pulling the upper cowl off as its cooked. Ill put up more photos once ive figured it out. Discussion :
  6. One of my long term projects, 1980 toyota crown. brought it after it sat up the end of the brook valley after the old couple parked it up when it hit 400,000 ks gave them $200 and i was away. towed it home, some new fuel, plugs and a dizzy cap and it fired up pretty good. unfortunaley has the common rear quarter rust. pretty bad, someones patched it up before and made an average job. plan is to get it legal (can't see it needing much bar the rust) and just drive it, eventually lower it
  7. Discus------------> Well I gone and done it again I bought another Mini. This time I wont be selling it! overview: its a mini the plates are on hold! it hasnt been on the road since 2003! and its got some rust! I bought from a fella down in the catlins, what you see here is all It has Im guessing it was used a a bit of a parts car. the front floor pan has had a dodgy repair in the past Its going to be a big job and its going to take forever to do it its got a 998 motor however its not the original donk! plan is to see if i can get it going and go from there on wether I tickle the motor up turbo 998s are what the poms are doing these days so that may be where I go with this cheers for now
  8. Discuss here -//oldschool.co.nz/index.php?showtopic=47657 Hey Boes So some of you might have seen this when i posted it in the "Left to rot" thread, well I have acquired it and after I pick it up on easter weekend it will start undergoing the reversal of the rotting process, I just really want to prevent it from completely disappearing into the ground. Some of you may give me copious amounts of shit for taking this on as it is very very rusty, but at the end of the day it owes me very little, is a genuine mk2 1600 sport with plates dead but still in the system, and the fact that these are getting very very thin on the ground now. I have a mig, panel steel, access to donor escorts, a father in law who has been building escort rally cars for the last 30 years and most importantly, a wife that loves mk2 sports (because going up with a co driving in). So yea this is going to be a pretty slow build as finances are being directed to honeymooning and house renovations, but luckily there is a whole butt tonne of work to go into this that will require much more time than money. Thank god for palmside and their aftermarket panels anyway. Plans may change but at this stage it is restore body, worked zetec conversion on twin 45's or bike carbs running Nodiz ignition, undecided at the mo but possibly forest flares with wide arse 13" rims, build for fast road so it can be fanged on hillclimbs and clubsport events as well as being fanged to the dairy. Anyway what you all want to see, some pictures of a rusty arse escort.....
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