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  1. Try argorace.com.au They can custom make conrods based on your specs
  2. I bought seatbelts brand new from repco. Lap/sash for the rear and retractables for the front. They use generic belts
  3. Im not 100 percent sure on that. I had a chevanne as my first car. It had rear seats too. They were badged as Bedford chevannes in the uk and normally didn't have side windows, but all the ones I've seen here are basically chevette wagons/estates. I have quite a few bits stashed here and i cant use any of the engine bits as the original engine is long gone from mine.
  4. Chevannes were brought into new Zealand to get around the import tariffs and were brought in without rear seats. The seats were added in the factory later and meant they imported the vehicles for commercial use.