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  1. Have you sent it in for a simple-ish underbody blast and now it's going to come out looking like this?
  2. I might have to buy a new screw driver for the occasion
  3. Evan

    Carb Repair

    It's hard to tell in the pics how bad it is. Are you in Auckland? Pull it to pieces and have @Mr Vapour Vapour blast it for you so it looks A+, get a new throttle shaft and bearing set from somewhere on the internet (Ebay, chances are that throttle shaft isn't straight which is making the situation worse). slap it all back together and see how bad it is then - it might be usable as is.
  4. That would require snow camo
  5. Gregs shop is about 47 seconds from SH1* * +/- 2 minutes
  6. Who needs a hand this weekend? I need something to do.
  7. Snow camo with tan leather interior.
  8. Is this where I low ball you for your Val wag?
  9. I think I saw a 1J something or another at Zebra manukau today, maybe. But anyway this is a shitter of a thing to have happen
  10. There's a 2JZ powered crown at Zebra Onehunga (was there an hour ago) that still has its motor if the head is any good to you?