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  1. Shoud get yours and mine together for photos
  2. Sweet thanks for saving me a drive up to auckland to figure that out
  3. Its fine ill sort something might go look a the 1 in zebra if its still there
  4. Hay tryed to send you a pm but wouldnt let me. Your spare front bumper iron would you be interested in selling it as called toyota today and got told theres no more in nz and is now discontinued. Cheers matt
  5. loest8

    Miniman76's 4AGE Mini racer!

    hay hayden ny idea if that factory toyota lsd would fit into a old c52 gearbox and would u look as selling it
  6. loest8

    Miniman76's 4AGE Mini racer!

    hay man went to tec with you drove the esky wags how much was the franklin cams work as rebuilding a 4age at the moment aswell? Cheers matt
  7. loest8

    be4vers 4G63 EX Lancer 1981 Discussion

    behind that screw will be 3 ball bearings and to springs for you selector shafts if it wasnt there you would be able to select more than one gear at a time. carnt seem to find pic to show you
  8. loest8

    Karmagedon's LB Lancer

    Yep its the same car vr4 legnum got stolen and this popped up to be sold by the guy who brought it off dave to fix
  9. Try dave/karmagedon he does
  10. loest8

    Gearbox or cv

    Hi there, i have a problem with my 85 aw11. Does it every morning i stick car into reverse and start reversing after about a meter or two i get a clunk/grates sound for a second then it stops. (all happening while still reversing) Then i drive of straight in first slowly and it clunks/grates again then is fine till i have to reverse again. Has been doing this for about a week now and have done at least 30 km on it since i noticed. Have jacked car up and checked that nothing is loose and tried to replicate the sound by spinning both wheels forward and backward at same time and can not get it to have also rocked both wheels back and forth round the whole crown wheel i guess and no bad sounds like missing teeth or anything only noise i am getting is from the middle cvj on the long sided drive shaft which to me sounds a little bit grumbly. Clunk/grate sounds like something locking up/jamming What i am asking is have i chipped a tooth in the gearbox or is it the inner cvj that is causing my problems? Cheers Matt