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  1. mattscort

    DIY crack testing cast iron block and heads

    I usually run out of the cleaner aerosol in the pack way before I run out of the other two. I use brakleen after that so maybe chuck a couple cans of that or similar on your order.
  2. mattscort

    Johnnyfive's Land Rover

    +1 for the mudstars! Great tyre. I gotta buy another landy, these threads make me jealous
  3. mattscort

    chasinthemirage's other Mk3 Zephyr

    Mate this things wicked, I saw it up for grabs and contemplated buying it. If you ever wanna sell it lt me know Have fun
  4. mattscort

    who is the BEST at rust repairs?

    I've had a good experience at autosmash repairs in the city. Not the cheapest but keeps you up to date and takes pictures so you can see how the repair was done.
  5. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Looking good!
  6. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Getting into it! If you want I can email you pics of the A pillar repair section from my one
  7. mattscort

    Trentham Swap Meat - Sunday 15th May.

    I will try and attend this
  8. mattscort

    VC Valiant

    No updates for 2 years, this is where its at now:
  9. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    around that although I cant really remember exact price
  10. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Sweet as, I can drop the box off at some point over the next week or two. No radiators, I had mine recored at Wiltons for a fair price
  11. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Its a regrind, palmy north I think. I think the spec sheet is at my olds place. I had the cam gear part ways with the camshaft which caused some other shit to happen so I had to get a regrind anyway. I have a 904 that is probably going to the scrappys if you want a spare/parts. Condition unknown. Also I tore down a sloper for a few things I needed for the rebuild, if you need random engine parts. or if you wanted to rebuild a bottom end or something
  12. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    VC sedan. There is a thread somewhere but I've never updated it. Fresh rebuilt sloper with slightly lopey cam, still running carter single barrell. 3 speed manual. Is your wag auto or manual?
  13. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    Yeah 215s on a 7inch rim Very minor rub on full lock in the front, if it wasnt lowered it would have no rub I reckon never had the rear rub even with 3 in the back
  14. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    I think I'm running the same setup, looks good
  15. mattscort

    grunta's 67 vc valiant

    I have wide black steels on mine if you would like to do a colour test fit