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  1. Sweet, they just look identical to an old RNZN rig we used to wear.
  2. Where did you get those grey overalls man? GPSC!
  3. I usually run out of the cleaner aerosol in the pack way before I run out of the other two. I use brakleen after that so maybe chuck a couple cans of that or similar on your order.
  4. +1 for the mudstars! Great tyre. I gotta buy another landy, these threads make me jealous
  5. Mate this things wicked, I saw it up for grabs and contemplated buying it. If you ever wanna sell it lt me know Have fun
  6. I've had a good experience at autosmash repairs in the city. Not the cheapest but keeps you up to date and takes pictures so you can see how the repair was done.
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