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  1. I need the number plate panel off the ford Sierra sedan they have (according to their website) if anyone is heading there this weekend. happy to re-imburse for yhe part and your time
  2. yeah sorry I haven't organised a meet for this month, we are having 2 meets next month though as anton said. the scope classic and the regular monthly meet
  3. Bump.. next meet is up. Saturday at the Scope Classic
  4. step 4 place valiant in the garage so remedial work can begin
  5. step 3 drag off the lawn using superior 4Jb1-t power
  6. Tuesday the 3rd, the guys recon they will arrive around 1Pm, so i'm thinking from 12 onwards, then we can move the car into a better spot for destruction before they arrive
  7. I have a triumph 2500 on my front lawn that is being dismantled by threeonthetree and richie around the 3rd/4th of January We were talking yesterday about making it into a bit of a gathering to burn some snags, have a few drinks and help the triumph return to the earth. who's keen?
  8. my ex lancer has bits of the factory air conditioning setup still in it, it a 4g62 non turbo so brackets may suit your motor (all there apart from the condenser if my memory serves me correctly)
  9. I'm also out due to family stuff. would rather come hang with you lot tbh
  10. take it to an oldschool spec garage that doesn't have brake rollers, get wof, profit
  11. you would be second in the queue if it was ever for sale
  12. last month was a little quiet compared to previous months. coming into summer we will try and get a few weekend BBQ/pub meets going too
  13. next meet is up. 19th October 7PM @ Spitfire Square
  14. yeah car park bit by the end of the runway. see you guys there at 8.30. if anyone gets lost give me a call/text on 0211550018. if anyone turns up late one of us can probably meet you at the display entrance with a pass
  15. yeah pretty much. just have to be super careful until the anti rejection meds get dialed back some more
  16. display will be Saturday. cbf doing Friday tbh. unless anyone wants too
  17. sadly we are not in the same spot as last year, we are against the tree line by steam scene this year. i'm guessing we could meet around 8.30/9am at the start of mcleans island road for people coming from north etc or at the display entrance for the south side dwellers
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