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  1. yep, meet at the peg or dawber farm @8.30am saturday?
  2. I’m gonna leave you a plastic pallet tomorrow to put that spare ld on..
  3. The lack of organisation/ understanding of how large events work that will either make it a ghost town or attract all the scumbags, especially since the dude probably hasn’t got public liability insurance if anything goes tits up. I’m gonna avoid it tbh
  4. Oh hey. Some stuff happened today...
  5. Was great to meet you @EpochNZ sorry i didnt have any booze. That slacker @Carsnz123 never left any for us!
  6. Canadian club plz. Blue diesel will cause removal of engine and a worn out one installed instead
  7. thats tomorrows job... after @JustHarry, @76rolla_gurl and myself finish it off tonight
  8. Update time, took this to hanmer at the begining of the month. all was going well until on the way back... pulled off the road to adjust one of the kids seatbelts. went to pull away and had no gear selection. turns out the box was jammed in 5th and had snapped a selector fork.... fuck... managed to drive it back from just outside of Hanmer to Christchurch in 5th, there were a few dicey moments like the big hill out of waikari and the turn back onto sh1 but made it back. fast forward to the weekend just gone and its fix it time, man i need a hoist for myself. it made the job a hundred times easier. because of the lack of good gearboxes in stock we converted the car from short case r30 gearbox to long case box out of a 280zx. that did unfortunately mean loosing the bench seat thanks to @JustHarry the total GC for sorting the use of the hoist helping to get her done
  9. It was posted on bookface. I have updated the main thread on here now
  10. A pinto is for life, not just for christmas
  11. I have a bunch of brake parts to install first and a passengers side headlight assembly to fix
  12. thanks to all that came along and an extra thanks to @chasinthemirage for bringing me some petrol after i ran out on QEII drive
  13. does the 5 speed EN box fit the EB motor? I am possibly picking up a parts car on the weekend (EB)
  14. I might be able to make it down for a wee bit on Thursday night
  15. wof is legit / only a small amount of "homework" to be done, The Pulsar will smoke it a few tidy up bits still to be done, but essentially yep its ready
  16. One of the other problems with the car was the sump bung. It was stuck, it rounded off pretty early on. Cutting a slot in it didn’t help as the whole motor would flex on the mounts when you tried to undo it. The only way it was gonna come out was heat. We removed the sump. Heated the bolt up to remove it, then replaced it with a new one and a new crush washer, then put the sump back on with a new gasket
  17. Here are a few pics of the US Spec Eb wagon that donated a couple of parts including the lush 3 spoke steering wheel @JustHarry being the total GC that he is will be doing a bit of work on this due to me having hardly any time (plus I think he likes it more than his crown wagon)
  18. This car was never supposed to be mine (I have plenty of projects already). It was one of the cars down at the infamous christchurch car graveyard. It was originally purchased by another forum member after the 2017 Hanmer Meet. It still had live plates (just) it hadn't turned a wheel in quite some time as you can see by the pictures from when we first saw it
  19. I also have one. come grab it if you want
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