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  1. That car has a 4cyl bike engine now. It's a pretty cool little screamer!
  2. This one’s made from ACM panel and uses steel angle for strength (probably a bit heavy). I like the way it uses pins to attach at the rear. Where are you getting your aero design info?
  3. There you go again with doing things that I've been planning to do on my car . I think the glass over ply idea is a really good one and I also think it's a good idea to run aluminium angle along the length of the splitter to give it extra rigidity + mounting points. The ideal outcome is a splitter you can stand on. I'll dig out some pics of a quick release splitter I saw recently - it gave me a couple of ideas for attaching the rear of the tray.
  4. This man knows what's up. Flip the diff like they do in Formula 1st to convert VW engines to mid engine. Other things to think about: Do you want the engine in front (mid engine) or hanging out the back? If you keep it hanging out the back then a standard diff (Nissan R200 etc) might actually drive the correct way? Does the output shaft spin the same way that the engine does? The gearbox may reverse the drive.
  5. I've got a customer who is really keen to pick up more racecar work. He's based in Morrinsville. PM me for info. I'll level collect it from you and deliver it to him if needed.
  6. Glad to see things are progressing in the right direction! It's always a buzz seeing your hard work turn into lap times. The car is sounding great too... I've been considering going away from my side pipe for clearance reasons, but there rowdiness of this makes me want to reconsider. What happened to the TRD pipes? I wouldn't mind a set for my car. I assume they're more likely to fit an AE than a KP.
  7. Yep, that's the one! He's a Mad bastard who loves doing skids.
  8. I'm not sure if he travels, but one of our mates runs a digger company in Hamilton and has a few smaller diggers.
  9. Oh yuss! Forgot about Borgy. What's his business called?
  10. Hey guys, A friend of mine from Auckland is in need of a mechanic or OS boe to help out with a 76 Combi that he's buying. It was brought in from Adelade at some stage, but when it arrived there was an engine bay fire while the dock staff were moving it. He needs to get it back to Auckland but the transport companies won't help him as it's a non runner, so he's looking for someone to help with getting it running. Apparently it turns over but doesn't start. Now, he's happy to pay someone if they can help out (workshop or private person), and he's also keen for some extra work do be done so he can drive it back to Auckland (non-complied, but meh ). So we're talking checking over the brakes, tyres, lights etc. He's very good with paying his bills and is someone that's worth meeting as he really is a GC and has a huge network of other GC's. It would also be great if the candidate could pick up the van from the vendor's house in Paraparaumu to get it off her lawn. Is anyone keen to put their hand up? @Seedy Al, @oldnrusty, @AllTorque, @Nominal.
  11. I'm keen. Better get those 70cc kits installed onto both bikes...
  12. I'm keen to help out with this project by the way. Man it's cool. I also feel like @Kimjon could have some quality input.
  13. I've only done one event with it so far, but I'm really happy with the quality. I prefer the ball bearing style over the standard spline type quick release kits that are out there. Mine's got no play at all and is really easy to slot on. You can place the wheel on in any orientation and rotate it until it locks into place. It wasn't the cheapest thing in the world, but you get what you pay for.
  14. I was just on the phone to Huntly Honda (customer of mine) and they definitely have one there. Just waiting to hear back from the owner about whether he can sell it.
  15. Keep the ute and do a 2UR conversion.
  16. Made a bit more progress today thanks to @Rhyscar who brought his Tig welder around to do a couple of jobs. First of all we welded these nuts into the engine mount pedestals. Then we took the alloy engine mount brackets to a friend's place to mill 10mm of the face of each mount. Luckily there's heaps of meat on the brackets, so we were able to remove enough material to make the engine sit at the right height. And now there's plenty of thread engagement: That's another job ticked off the list. More to come tomorrow.
  17. ... Yeah, I'd had a few beers... I'd only planned on doing a small skid but got carried away. Still, no regrets.
  18. Yeah, I think I took that photo on the Sunday morning, but it's hard to say. T'was a good couple of days at the Humble Abode!
  19. Spotted @TheBarterBarber driving this around the Tauranga CBD on Wednesday - I gave a toot from my red ranger. It would be a shame to cover up the mural though. It's so sweet!
  20. I wouldn't worry too much. I'm pretty certain my issues were caused by this abuse: