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  1. Dave’s great but that’s a Dave being a moran thing not a bike thing xox see you there
  2. Haha I only have my cub at This stage so who knows I may end up on something like that too
  3. Hoping to! Probably ride my cub coz povo hah better do the form
  4. Man good work chipping away at this thing. Just looked back and saw how long you’ve had it. Nice! Also lold at brake caliper being same as the ones in my car trailer. Parts available from twl. No worries
  5. All you need in a back pack is clip on koalas and wet weather gear and some jandals tbh
  6. The mail ones get hammered and they would honour warranty on those so go figure
  7. Pete on a burgman smoking galloise and drinking laphroaig ftw
  8. Awesome! Mate ya lived til you’ve binned a Honda ct/cub and winded yourself whilst trapped underneath
  9. It’s just like masturbating you’re only fucking yourself
  10. I was pissin cheese that you’d bro g the chalet last year. hope you bring it this year!
  11. I envisage bucket barry still bringing a full machine shop on a bike. I’ll put my hand up to drive support if it helps. I’d be keener to ride but y’know. The offer’s there for da boiz
  12. Check that the little vac fuel pump is working and not gummed up if it has one maybe clean the carb out sounds like it’s running lean
  13. That stuff has its charm. Be cool to have a full camping setup of old stuff like that. i scored a wee no name primus copy white spirits backpacking cooker a few years ago that I tidied up and got working. Seems way less output than the equivalent butane cooker but hey. That charm. was another big camp stove in the pile too but it was a bit far gone to fix up so sadly it got turfed.
  14. I’ll probably have a series three one coming up spare in a month or so seems ok running it through all the gears with the transfer case in neutral
  15. @Deliboylurker has an rv50 with a Lifan 110 and it is lush do it
  16. Yeah fuck yeah bring a tent or a lips ward endorsed maggot spec bivi bag and get amongst
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