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  1. Ove heard of people paying silly sums for worn out ones even. Maybe @Cullen might have an idea? I know he runs them on his Mazda
  2. Man, that's a list of all the fun stuff......
  3. I'm not drinking this month. But you're welcome to rock over an sink a beer/have shed yarns if you like? (*shed with Heating) Might put you to work. Last OS boe who came to visit helped out with my nbc110. (Thanks @Geophy )
  4. Long long ago my dad bought a turbo 12a one off @filthy one Mrs. (Long before they were together) it had been bought off her by a scumbag with a bad cheque. He was arrested somewhere in town using bad cheques. Someone stole it from where hed parked it, and it turned up on the side of the road in Blenheim or Nelson with no wheels, and minor damage. It was a silver coupe. The old boy did a beautiful job of fixing it up. It was completely stock. Apart from a windmill sized factory fan, it was dead silent, and smooth as fuck. Also went well too. (I'd originally looked at it with a view to put the motor in my RX3. But an auto sparky said because it was a digidash car, the wiring could be a nightmare) He sold it to a guy he worked with whom hed been giving a ride to work. (I think he had no license from being a recidivist drink driver) he must have got it back, because he bought it. Then rear ended some poor cunt down moorhouse ave, (drunk) and put them in a wheel chair. Last dad heard the guy was fixing the car. (After he got out of jail) much like Brad, this well predated digital cameras. /I should have bought it tbh. //ling.
  5. Do these things work or nah? Used to see them on cars with all the tacky auto parts store mods in the early 90s. Supposed to help keep the wipers on the screen at speed? I know that at 115mph valiant wipers definately dont do shit. Should these be consigned to the burn pile, or deoxidised with a heat gun and put back into service?
  6. All I'm hearing is, avoid all testing stations. Which is what I've done religiously for for the last twenty five years. (You should have seen how ling the fail sheet was last time too)
  7. Seeing it with the guards off, it's become clear you should drop that rover v8 into it. Slap on a 4bbl manifold with a 390cfm Holley and enjoy nice v8 sounds in a lush old Toyota cruiser..........
  8. Replace all the bolts with titanium ones. I read somewhere you can get aircraft ones cheap which have been replaced.
  9. I need to remove the north island forum from my view. this is gunna be awesome. Every post I read makes me sadface that I wont be part of it.
  10. Hes a GC. I feel like a shitcunt cos I only ring him when I want something.
  11. Old mate makes a nice radiator aye! Let's hope he never realises how much too cheap he works!
  12. I'm fairly confident theres more weed farms than just that one.......
  13. It is with heavy heart that I must bow out from this years event. I have other commitments that weekend. I never saw the east Cape lighthouse last time either. I demand that each participant smashes an extra pink pussy for me. And remember to steer clear of the cheap fillers at the succulent Chinese buffet. Maybe next year team.....
  14. @Slacker_Sam. one sounds incredible. When he does a WOT drive by, it sounds like Tie fighter doing a fly by.
  15. But around town, "10 wheels are like have "10 somewhere else when it comes to pesting
  16. Having ridden on 17s, I could never go back to 10" for unsealed.
  17. Will it need a shroud over the Lake pipes?
  18. ^this in the scenario that the absence of a printed tag makes inevitable. *what's cert anyway?
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