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  1. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS ‘C’ - Post (Dogleg) Repairs/Build. Completed the 310 Bluebird RHS dogleg. What the repair started out as. Then becomes something that mutates into complete metal art to work the multiple 3D shapes. It looks not too bad in the first pic, just a few little holes - right? it get very bad quickly.. What I had to cut off. Basically everything! One piece at a time. Make a new piece, scribe the outline on the existing dogleg, cut and tack in each one by one. Turned out okay. Not perfectly matching original because I had to alter it
  2. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS ‘B’ - Post Repairs/Build. Part Two. Continuation from part one. Finishing up the RHS B-Post repair story. Installed and welded the inner bits and repaired the pinch weld flanges. Sprayed some more copper primer. Clamped the inner panel up and welded. Smoothed out pretty good. Prime and paint preparation will take of any small imperfections. FINISHED the B-Post repair. Moving on to the "dogleg" or C-Post next. Later on. Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topi
  3. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS ‘B’ - Post Repairs/Build. Part One. As it was in the beginning. Rusted, rotted from the inside out and battered with abuse.The abuse happened many years ago whilst trying the bend the pillar next to the front glass. I had placed lumber in the door frame opening diagonally then applied a hydraulic jack. before I knew it, the B-post base was collapsing and getting crushed. So i've a combination of rust and aft direction post damage on three sides to repair. So, a flood of pics to follow, starting with the damage detail, rust repair of the lower
  4. Trying out a new camera. A few artistic pics just for laughs.
  5. @jhogie, Many thanks for the complement. The project does keep me busy and I'll be gaining some skills to use on something else later on. You are the first person I have encountered in all these years that also owns the original 1960 PL310. I feared all the other 310s had been crushed or left to rot in a field by now.
  6. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS ‘A’ - Post Scratch Build. Original A post was not salvageable due to multiple accidents (t-bone, roll-over, etc.) and ham fisted "repairs" with large hammers and cutting torches. Drilled out the spot welds and cut it off but left the upper hinge mount temporarily as a datum. Marked for cutting. I began to be concerned. I did a bit of a hack job cutting it loose at the top. This is a serious piece of structure removal and the metal underneath doesn't look so great either. Will the Bluebird ever be made whole again? I'd neve
  7. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS Outer Sill Weld Together and Details. Time for an update reporting progress on the RHS build. Outer sill segments are welded together, including most details; end stub, end stub cap and inward joggle at B-post base. Lower A-post below the belt line and down to the sill (about 2 feet w/hinge mount points) is fabricated, tack welded together and temporarily fitted (mock up installed with Teks). The Inner body skin behind the A-post is repaired with another patch. The RHS front door hinges are rebuilt. Both RHS doors were dragged out of the backyar
  8. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS Outer Sill Mock Up. Just finished the forming of the three outer sill segments and loosly fit checked them today. Still much more work to do. Weld them together, trim the flanges, add the bits inside for support of the side of body jack structure, add some joggles to the flanges and many other mods to make it one assembly same as original. Some pics follow. The aft sill segment fits nice and snug against the rotted dogleg stub. I did get a little too sharp of a bend radius at the ends because I unevenly tightened the bud
  9. (continued from previous post today) Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS floorpan fabrication completed. Finishing up the story today by adding the two lateral straps underfloor and two longitudinal stiffeners in the front section. Tuned up the loose inboard edges a bit where the corrugations will continue over the trans tunnel. Cut up bits and welded in. Small but rather time consuming to fiddle with making fit and weld. Tacks and more tacks. Repeat six places. Then add all the underside straps, do another fit check in the car
  10. (continued from previous post today) Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS floorpan fabrication completed. Started work on this rusty old RHS seat support bracket. Salvage it with repair? Replace it? Make a new one? Chose to cut the rusty half off and salvage it. Made a sketch and got to work on the base using 2 mil thick steel. Easy to weld with a TIG compared to the thin stuff at least! The rest follows naturally and was a fun mini project. Tacked the new base half on with a MIG, filled in with small
  11. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS floorpan fabrication completion. More progress on the Bluebird RHS floorpan. I've done a lot of work. Started by fully welding up the tacked up butt weld joints shown previously. Used mostly MIG process (tack, tack, tack and grind excess). Then used a large piece of cardboard to rough out the edge trim contour. Got it relatively close and then rolled a large washer with a marker on the ID to get the contour line against the tunnel. Final trimmed shape of the cardboard. Set the it on the pan and trimmed it.
  12. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS Floorpan fabrication and incremental forward progress. Took some vacation time off in July and travelled through the North Cascades and scablands of Washington state in a rented RV. Alta Lake state park. Sun Lakes Dry Falls state park. Back at it now on the Datsun Bluebird RHS floorpan. Made the the "3D" shapes that define the platform for the B-post body mount and the front footwell to front seat platform transition. Cut and welded flat the corrugation ends to match factory original. Started with laying out the
  13. Another diversion from rust repair was had. Rebuilt the 310 Datsun Bluebird fuel pump. A quick job that provides the satisfaction of finishing something in one go. Found a repair kit in oz several years ago and just hung onto it. Replacement pumps are a bit scarce and I didn't much like running it with a noisy electric. Anyway, it's good to go now, at least until the ethanol laced fuel ruins it again. The 310 Bluebird FSM is quite handy. There are several interesting pages dedicated just to the fuel pump. This is one. Learned a few new words. Chube, Diaspring, Pum. ; )
  14. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - RHS floorpan fabrication started. Made some more custom corrugated floorpan tin last weekend. Started fab work on the RHS floorpan. It's a scratch build like everything else, Started with a 26 by 56 inch 20g blank sheet providing excess material all around as with the LHS. Bead rolled it to duplicate the original Datsun Bluebird 310 pattern. Two wide beads in the center underneath the front seat, five beads in the front footwell spaced at an 80mm pitch and four beads in the rear footwell again spaced at 80mm pitch. Eleven beads total. Takes tw
  15. Building the 1961 Datsun 310 Bluebird - Right side completed periphery structures. A flood of pics to display the completed right hand side periphery structures. This will provide solid support for the future floor build. And on the work goes until the Bluebird rust be banished. Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60267-marts-pl310-61-datsun-bluebird-sedan/ Build: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60264-marts-pl310-61-da
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