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  1. I used to be a train nerd, then worked for the company...it gets beaten out of you pretty quick when its the daily slog.
  2. NNNEEERRRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful machines....when I worked at Turners doing IT back in the late 90's I grabbed one off the Dealer Auction floor, picked up the missus and took it down to Mission Bay for lunch.
  4. Never really liked FA's, but with those tyres.......that is so hilarious its awesome.
  5. Thats pleasing to hear.....I'm glad people took the chance to purchase when the opportunity came rather than looking wistfully through the fence.
  6. So can anyone hint as to how many projects were liberated from Ranfurly??
  7. That was the copy I was reading at work on Friday...
  8. Railways house, so will be well built and solid. I've even got all the plans somewhere which I grabbed from the KR archives when I worked there.
  9. What number Awamutu Grv? We used to flat cnr Leighton Ave/Whites Line.....back then Awamutu Grv was a bit dodge, but all that area is slowly improving. Ultra close to Woburn station as well for transport. Moera is improving as well as people want to own the Railways Houses that were built here in the 30's when Hutt shops were opened. I'd say its an area on the up.
  10. After much experimentation we've worked out how to laser etch into concrete pavers....much easier than sand blasting! We've got interest from some town planners up north, really need to get this in front of planners in Christchurch for their urban rebuild.
  11. Doing the trip to Palmy and back for family tomorrow, I'll keep an eye out....
  12. Interesting thread, its cool to see what can be done with such a standard looking farm bike. To think I nearly bought one of these when I was 17...
  13. Liking your style. Watching with interest.
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