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  1. 200 entire package + courier ? / negotiable Long loom cost me over that Have had ecu live and tracking crank trigger then got to no spark/ prob ignitor issues and gave up went coil on plug and link so no guarantee on whether the ecu is fully functional... Dell Laptop has the ems software and basemaps on it -not sure if there is a Holden 6 map on there dead battery just plugged it in to my hp cord
  2. Read my comments a few pages back re ems stinger but if you buy one I have a whole stinger v4 a very short loom and a brand new long loom and new ford wasted spark 6 cyl coil pack + a Bosch 4 plug narrow/wideband that the stinger can read directly - yours for cheap if you go down that rabbit hole also a laptop old enough to read the help files and a serial connection
  3. Yeah that was easy 14Point7 ordered direct - 245$ nzd including shipping be interesting to see how long it takes to get here
  4. Yeah about 330 current best price for aem x 245 for spartan shipped direct no gauge seems like best option
  5. Got refunded already - how much for your innovate that you don’t like ?
  6. Oh crap I should not have looked at that trademe listing Classic piece of nz history already painted black and looks fast while going nowhere
  7. Right time to buy one of these wideband O2 sensor and controller thingys had heard good things about spartan 2 setup so ordered from tardme - 2 weeks delivery sweet ... $325 with gauge - email back no stock soonest we can do is mid June maybe .... ok sell me the one without gauge you have listed - oh we don’t have that either = fucktards get some stock don’t be a drop shipper Anyway next options - innovate seems to have masses of fanboys and also a lot of haters AEM ? or as much as I hate scarles they have prosport wideband with a classic looking gauge that would match my tacho and speedo all pretty much the same price all 4.9 sensor
  8. There are other sellers with herocut 50 s on there for 359 + gst with free shipping still
  9. Actually that is same seller - does not ship to nz - maybe he lost money on mine ...
  10. Yup that one - will try to find seller - it was dhl delivery for free too
  11. I kept waiting for the tool shed branded cut 40 to go on special and it never really did so I bought a “hero cut 50” from AliExpress for $235 nzd delivered on sale ...smaller box more steel than plastic goes very hard for what it is std pt31 torch with cheap consumables from anywhere - cuts 6mm steel clean as and 10-12mm gets a bit more rugged but does the job
  12. You know if you ride a tandem by yourself you really should have a blow up doll on the passenger seat ... Other thing to look at is the crank phasing between the two sets of cranks - you would think that having the cranks perfectly aligned was compulsory but if you off set them slightly just 2 or 3 teeth on the chain then you are not both at top dead centre at the same time actually makes smoother and easier power - my old cycle shop boss had a fleet of racing tandems and the old Barry touring tandem cyclists do the same
  13. Yeah they look like a really early magura from before they went to signature neon green or red powder coat on the brackets possibly a copy or an obscure American brand competitor working principle is the same - more photos of the lever and any other logo may narrow it down
  14. Magura rim brakes German made quite strong but a decent set of v-brakes is just as good - they push parallel to the rim not on an arc which is good they use mineral oil not brake fluid - same fluid as shimano discs need syringes and bleed fittings to bleed but I’m sure there is a garden irrigation fitting in right thread rather than spending lots on a bleed kit have a good look at the rims for wear they can put a lot of force on rim and on a heavy tandem with grunty pads they will wear thru a rim quite quick - worth letting tyre down and getting a feel for the thickness of the rim to adjust pad angle need to undo the ALLEN screws a bit to let the caliper move in the housing - wiggle it til it’s lined up squeeze brake lever Check it’s lined up on rim right and do bolts back up quick release lever (schnellspanner in German lol ) is so you can drop one side off quickly to get wheel in and out edit - they look like really old ones maybe even a copy - don’t see a quick release on them and the brace looks bolted solid Pics of whole bike please Anything else ya wanna know ?
  15. Ah ok that makes sense other wise it was looking like the how not to do it picture
  16. Um I thought the doubler plates go behind the panel steel ?
  17. Keep plugging away with what you have - get it to run if you can and do some laps around the block if it’s supppsed to have a kl v6 in it one will appear just around the corner from you and it will be too easy - alloy block v6 is prob lighter than what’s in it has to be worth giving a crack at getting it regoed as standard built way back when first
  18. Yep they are good to deal with - keep an eye out for their regular $1 reserve auctions I have a weldsmart from them looks like they ran them out and are now branding weld pro - happy with my purchase at 300 less than listed price on 1$ reserve so I added the spool gun and got both for the price of the welder Functions well smooth and very adjustable - the weldpro seems same features but digital adjustment fast shipping have bought helmet wire and tips from them
  19. I looked for ages for a KL. Easiest and cheapest to buy a whole car in manual so you have the flywheel and starter - ended up buying a Mazda cronos for $600 with the kfze - reg wof and service history - Mazda lantis has same motor - 160-70 hp stock same as the 2.5 klde
  20. Signed up for that thanks for link gotta be able to learn something from it
  21. Yeah some garages are passing fully smashed in rails and some are failing them with a minor dent - it’s so inconsistent
  22. That one comes up quite a bit from nob garages failing Mx5s on crushed floor stiffeners - if it’s not a chassis rail it’s a floor stiffener and those photos show way worse damage than what is getting failed
  23. No preservatives in pump fuel that I know of they prob count on turnover to keep it fresh - someone here must have worked at mars den point refinery they may know I have quite a bit stored for generator use in the apocalypse and I add a fuel stabiliser to it but still try to cycle it thru and replace every year or so ( bottle of fuel stab came with the gen can dig out details if ya want )
  24. They make an ok powerbar once that silly pointer thing snaps off once upon a time they were all we had for torque wrenches for the home mechanic - would not trust it for anything expensive or critical now
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