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  1. just brought this out of rotorua for $400,wof,reg on hold. 2 owners before me,motor blown up. plan was to just fix the old motor and touch up the paint but you know how these things go,its all in pieces now. hope to give it a quick respray and get a motor in,not sure what yet,am open to ideas..
  2. radiators may look sweet after a flush,but we had a truck at work that kept overheating with a 'sweet' rad (rad shop said it looked good) but our mechanic insisted it gets properly looked at,took it apart and it was blocked as fuck.
  3. dunno if this hepls,but i usually start the car up, and cut a 10cm piece of speaker cable and put it across the big fat power cable out the back of the alternator and put it on the pin for the excitor,if she powers up then i know theres an issue,or keep the piece of cable in the glove box for everyday/temporary use.have had a few issues like this.good luck
  4. every engine part I've brought from summit has been very good,i agree with the above about speed shop owners, biggest rip off art its out there! buyer beware. they also don't like Japanese speed parts in my dealings with them. just my opinion.
  5. if you can't find one in aucks,you should check out bop gear cutters ltd,seen some very nice work from them.
  6. hey,was just wondering how you will tilt the cab of the truck forward to work on the motor etc? our trucks at work do this, I used to use butynol when i was plumbing its good shit but doesn't like to be streched i.e cut round pipes.good luck with your build.
  7. whats the dodgy WOF place you use? i need a dodgy wof for my l200,it runs a dohc n\a 2L and don't want to spend cert money on it.cool wagon by the way
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