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  1. What Alex said. Thanks all that came along, I'm glad the location worked out! That group was probably from the FB event, I shall say something on the next event about coming in and joining us. I didn't expect them to set a table aside for us but that was definitely a bonus. See you all at the next meet, I'll update the details soon
  2. I just got off the phone with the Moutere inn, this Thursday is whisky and cigar night but is generally pretty quiet for them, the last Thursday of every month works well for them also. I'm quite looking forward to this! I shall see all you guys and girls there! **Edit** Tonights whisky is Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated.
  3. Most excellent! I did ring them but my phone microphone is so buggered that they couldn't hear me. See you guys in a couple of days!
  4. Yes I used a E34 sump in my E30 and yes I chopped it and winged it after an ass puckering moment with terra firma. I posted that before I had modified the sump so if it was available I would have made a steel version. There is definitely a market out the for low profile M5X sumps
  5. Right so as previously discussed our meets will retreat to the warmth of New Zealand's oldest pub, The Moutere Inn. This will be held on the last Thursday of every month with our next one on the 29th June I think 6pm is a good start but of course anyone can just turn up when they can. There will be Beer, Banter and Sharns so come along and join the fun. We can discuss any upcoming events or organize a weekend drive from there Chur!
  6. No date set at the moment. I guess that's open for discussion for over the winter months too, do we do a weeknight meet? (Thursday, Friday) or a weekend meet? If its a weekend meet I say Sunday as it suits more folks. If so what time would be best? 12pm? 3pm? 6pm?
  7. I'm not a huge fan of speights ale house. Shit coffee, expensive for average food and it's generally too busy/noisey. How about the Moutere inn? Thanks for the input though
  8. I only seen a couple of oldschoolers today, and they were too busy driving fast to talk shit with me. Plus I spent most of my time there hiding in the bushes with my camera. With such a wide range of vehicles it made for an interesting day and listening to all those unmuffled engines as they flew past was worth braving the cold morning. I will start off with photos of Matts(MattJ) Anglia and Tonys (Ynot) Punto. Followed by random shots So i've been thinking about over the winter months to having our meets at a lo
  9. Our next meet will be at the Sandy bay hillclimb (road to Marahau). Between classes there is about a 20 minute break where spectators can walk up the road to different spots/driveways. I will be at the first driveway at around 9am Bring your own chair, snacks and beverages and let's watch some hooning! http://www.nelsoncarclub.co.nz/next-event See you guys and girls there!
  10. No problem at all! It was a small meet but still a good drive/banter session. Thanks to those that came along. Our next meet will coincide with the Sandy bay hillclimb (Marahau) I'll get details up in a day or 2
  11. So guys and girls, our next meet will be a cruise out to Cable bay. Meet at Wow carpark at 11am, cruise out to Cable bay around 11.30. I'm not sure if there is a bbq out there but hopefully pog brings the bus out and we should be fine to use the wood fired bbq out there. I do like Will's suggestion on meeting at a grasskahna event with the Nelson car club and I'll look into that for an up coming meet. Anyhoo see you guys at wow! Chur!
  12. Well so I had almost finished the conversion and ended up losing my licence for demerits literally a hour before spirited test drives, Great! I've had my licence back for a while now and have given it some very thorough testing and there was (and still is) things to be sorted. The exhaust system was a bit of a challenge using E36 328 pressed steel manifolds, the rear manifold flange needed to be cut and welded about 12mm closer to the block to clear the steering knuckle, I then just hacked up the e34 exhaust to get the manifolds to mate with the exhaust system that was already in it.
  13. I also think that you should be repping again, you're much better with words than I am and have always been great at getting the troops motivated. Maybe a peace offering of some sort will fix this?
  14. Cable bay it is. How does Sunday 23rd April sound? Lunchtime ish? I'll get onto the thread title after work, or smoko
  15. Yea I think the location is spot on for bowls, such a great hill. Does cable bay have a bbq to use? If so I'm keen for that and I think after the easter break for the meet.... gives me time to sort out my sump, once that's done a Motorkahna meet would be awesome! I just want to beat the bmw mad musk boys. Ahhh yes Kaka point. Let's just say there never used to be any speed bumps up there, also great fishing off the rocks. I would prefer a closer meet until I sort a couple of things on the e30, in saying that I can always ride along with somone else.
  16. Well we should probably sort out our next meet. I left a message with the bowls club but haven't heard back, I'm still keen to do this again at some point. How about the good old bbq at Rabbit island? Definitely open to suggestions/locations
  17. I have a euro meet that day, but their cruise is ending at Aniseed valley so I may pop on down for a while. I'll be entering these kind of events once I raise up the e30s sump. What's everyone's thoughts on the next meet? Maybe it's time for the Pohara bowls? I'm not sure if they have a "season" but I can call and find out.
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