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  1. Wanted to get it moved so had to figure out how to get it going, pretty simple really, just a pain on the dark. Managed to get her fired up after doing a quick terrible makeshift conversion to 12 volt. Runs on all four but has one hell of a blown head gasket and all gaskets every where else have decided to leave the chat, too. Blue flames for miles when I tried to get it moving with a rusted stuck handbrake. Bit of fun for the night. Still can’t decide what to replace this 5hp shaped ingot of shittiness with.
  2. After losing my Standard 10 ute a few years ago and performing my due grief I have decided to embark on another project, a neglected old Defect. Here are some photos of the old girl when I first picked her up with the truck. Came with plenty of spare parts which I probably won't use as i'll likely be be throwing some later model japanese gear in there.
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