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  1. Sorry for taking so long, I have a hypertherm powermax 600 here but unfortunately no torch leads for it, I can price up a new set at cost price if you are still interested
  2. Yea 80 is far too many, keen for the next os 4wd trip though
  3. Scratch that, missed the cut off date so wont worry about it
  4. I havent really, more than likely I wont be able to so havent thought about it too much. Should probably find out who is driving down from Auckland and make some loose plans just incase. I havent even looked at what the land rover people have organised. With it being over a 3000km round trip Im going to need some good hearing protection
  5. If its a cheap easy process to un cert it Ill just buy some oem springs and bilstein shocks and then at least I can put the 17" evo 7 wheels on it. As it is I will have to put the 16s back on it each wof or get it re certified
  6. My vr4 is certed for coilovers, how much of a hassle/cost is it to uncert it if I put normal suspension back in?
  7. Yea towbars and light trailers dont actually have any real regulations, kinda scary but no one has died so not much of a worry
  8. L300s had the same trans as well so if you find a fucked Toyota one you can just swap bellhousings
  9. If Toyota made that engine family with the auto than yes. Its a fully hydraulic trans so is easy to swap
  10. Yes as they are the same family of trans. You cant swap between the Axx series and A3xx
  11. I can have a look in the back room at work for an old hypertherm plasma and a machine torch if it will make it easier
  12. Yea I'm 100% camping out of the back of mine
  13. I'm hoping to do the same, just hoping work doesn't get in the way
  14. M.H.

    V6 exhaust help

    Not in Auckland but adrenalin r mufflers are great quality and can make something to suite as well
  15. M.H.

    V6 exhaust help

    When I did an exhaust on my v8 audi I found it easier to tuck 2 pipes up in the tunnel than 1 bigger pipe, I ran 2 2.5" pipes with a x behind the gearbox and down into a 3.5" single with a large adrenalin r muffler
  16. M.H.

    81 l200

    rv8 would go good too
  17. M.H.

    81 l200

    4d56t would be an easy conversion
  18. Whats the motor height like? Water should just be touching the bottom of the cavitation plate while under way
  19. Small boats are the best, I had a 3.3m rib with a 9.9hp Johnson and it would plane easily with 2 115kg guys in, chilly bin ect and cost next to nothing to run
  20. What are you doing wuth the old outboard?
  21. Most of the turbo ones were 6x6 but they did do a couple of turbo 4x4s
  22. Mines a little bit different in that its an ex Australian army one in which they were built by land rover Australia with 3.9l isuzu diesels, what kind of proof would be needed to satisfy this part?
  23. Is there any way to avoid having to fit driveshaft hoops on my land rover if I turbo it? The factory turbo diesel engines had the same driveshafts, just really want to avoid drilling holes in a galv chassis
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