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  1. So I sold the Trabant a couple of weeks ago, its still in Wellington, but no longer with me at the wheel. It has been a Fun few years, but time to move on to something else! Nothing planned yet, and will probably buy something sensible first... I do still have my 2 bikes I am restoring, but after who knows Hopefully when the bug hits me again, I'll have some new Digs where I can house all the bits and pieces without having to pay for storage or shed access.
  2. So I am guilty of leaving this thread with no update in a long long time... So where to start... At the end of 2014 I decided that I wanted to try a new career path, and to do that I needed to move to Sydney.... so with little to no warning I did just that, and I bundled up all my stuff including the Trabi and put it on a slow boat over the tasman... Thankfully this was before Australian customs went mental on any little spec of asbestos, and it went through customs with only one slight issue, they bitched to me about how much my car was worth, I had given them the original bill of sale,
  3. MZ ETZ 300 1987 "The Pom" ALBUM (UK MZ ETZ 300) Also brought on Trademe a few weeks ago, originally form the UK... however still in nelson at the time of writing. The Good: Everything is there, it should be 100% ready to go (nothing to restore) The Bad: Its currently in nelson waiting on NZTA to issue it a VIN and NZTA is been slow about it. It also needs to be added to the LAMS list for me to legally ride it, which it should happily comply, it's just a matter of finding the documentation, which is hard since it was a UK only bike, and as its 99% a MZ ETZ 250 with
  4. MZ ETZ 250 1988 "The New Zealander" ALBUM (NZ MZ ETZ 250) Brought off Trade me sight unseen a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it was originally from a deceased estate, the guy I brought it from got it in boxes and put it back togeather... The Good: The engine has compression and have been guaranteed that it runs.... going to try that this weekend The Bad: Everything else... its missing lots of small parts.. the wiring is a mess no throttle grip tube chain guard system is broken missing foot peg bent shifter broken clutch lever broken tach
  5. Its been a few years since I had a proper project, so middle of last year I decided to get my motorcycle license and buy a bike... I've started off with one and end up with 3.... the first one I bought on Gumtree AU, sight unseen, been sitting for "YEARS" in a guys garage on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. A few weeks after it got delivered to my door I unexpectedly moved back to NZ and brought both the Bike and Trabi back with me. MZ ETZ 250 1985 "The Australian" Album (AU MZ ETZ 250) The Good: It has 99% of all its parts The Bad: A previous owner.
  6. Hey OS I am looking for a garage/lockup/workshop to rent, to work on two motorbike projects in the Wellington Central Area... (a 1985 and 1988 MZ ETZ 250) I would do them at home except its in an apartment garage which has a sensor light that goes off after 5mins, and that I am not allowed to do any work in there. So looking for some sort of lock up/garage/workshop that I can store the bikes during the restoration and do some work on them during the occasional weekday evening and weekends during the day, ideally space would have power but at a minimum some sort of lighting but I
  7. Jeeze, its been that long, I haven't updated the thread in a long time with all its adventures etc since 2015... I'll give you a buzz via PM 2052
  8. Yeah well that is exactly my question, I've called VTNZ Thorndon and Adelaide Rd , and they apparently don't do the reregistration check, even though Adelaide Rd does do entry cert *at least according to their webpage... I just want to try and avoid going all the way to the Hutt... if it was thorndon or adelaide road or somewhere in the city, I could get it around there without a tow... but getting to the hutt is probably a stretch too far...
  9. @ajg193 I took it over to Australia when I moved there, and I deregistered it because I didn't know how long I would be gone, or if I was ever going to be coming back.
  10. Hey Everyone Just arrived back in NZ last month and my car https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/33440-catatonicchimps-1977-trabant-601/ should hopefully now be on solid ground in Welly (the boat arrived this morning), I am assuming it's going to take a number of days/weeks, before it gets through the gauntlet of Customs/BioSecurity, but I was wondering where I can go to get the re registration checked etc done, that doesn't involve hiking down the road with an expensive tow truck to Lower Hutt. Is there anywhere in the city that does Reregistration certs? (Nothing modified,
  11. Currently sitting in a Shipping Container in Rotterdam, should be arriving in NZ some around the start of September Build Post: //oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewtopic.php?uid=15033&f=17&t=34902&start=0 Found her on mobile.de while in Germany, the owner spoke no English, so it was an interesting email conversation via google translator and then even more awkward conversation when I went to look at her. she has been in storage for the last 20 years, (since 1993) a few things need to be fixed before she can get back on the road, some light rust that will have to be dealt with befor
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