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AK: Anyone able to check this out for me....

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I'm looking at this, not sure if i can get to AK before the auction finishes


Car is located in Mt Eden. 

I know it has a bunch or rust, looks like surface but potentially structural too.. Doesn't run either as has sat for ages, think the carb is off too..

Anyway, if there was anyone that could check out/ run their eyes over it etc would happily float a box of beers or something your way... Just think it would save the owner the hassle of answering 1000 questions from me etc..



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  • moglix changed the title to AK: Anyone able to check this out for me....

not able to assist but that looks boss.

without any 'but i want it' goggles on, that looks pretty rusty , which is a concern as these are notorious rust boxes as im sure you will know if you have the yearn.

Also, just flippin buy it already, and three wheel no-wof no-reg no-worries yolo through any traffic stops and down any palm lined boulevards, please and thank you

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I could potentially go, but have a few questions for you. Fire me a pm and can go from there. 

I would be concerned about rear 1/4 rust staining. The earlier models (finned rear) have a design flaw where the c-pillar has a water drain which runs onto the inner wheel arch, but its only a small hole and they block up causing the inner/outer wheel arch plus the c-pillar to wheel arch gusset to rot out. Its a fuckin major to repair properly. Rear 1/4 off kind of job.

I assume these have a similar design.

I like these old mercs, but having done the metalwork on a finny in the past, its put me off ever buying one. 

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