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Tumeke's E30 Build

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The show goes on due to @yoeddynz making comments about me not updating.

Rock Auto came to the party with a lot of the bits needed:



Offered everything up to the motor, including new cambelt, tensioners etc and put the motor back in the hole. I couldn't fire until I'd done the electrical though.

With the old shell having given everything it could, it was sent to it's forever home.



Next - the loom and heater-box needed some love as I decided to swap the whole loom over.

This was a fun job - quite a few differences between 1983 and 1988 4 pt vs 6. Whole interior removed, whole loom fed through the dash, changes made due to 2 door instead of 4, manual instead of auto, electric windows instead of manwell etc. A bit of splicing from old plugs to new and plenty of reference to original wiring looms to get everything right. Also installed the 6 cylinder check-light system with all the additional idiot lights and reset.


I think this photo was on the home straight as the carpet is back in. I often forget to take the photos.


Pelican parts came in with some nylon bushes for the pedal box and a hard to find bung for the thermostat.


With the interior close enough, I could try to fire the old girl up. Try being the word. I then learnt that the distributor drive runs off what I thought was an idler pully on the cam belt, so the timing decided it would prefer to make fires in the intake instead of the exhaust. A quick retime (luckily I hadn't put the cooling system in the way yet) and we had success! Timing was dialed in properly, but it still has an occasional hesitation. I might do an injector flush as well.

Cooling system was then offered up, flushed, and bled, and an oil change happened. Quickly realised some of the rubber pipes were well crusty so another Rock Auto order sorted 90% of those, and one from ebay Latvia....

Tyres were changed to whatever I had lying around. I don't have a balancing system at home, just an armstrong tyre change.

Managed to find some nice m-sport e30 seats to drop in:



So where we're at Today:

WOF Check needed when Covid allows.

Change of plugs and I think there is a manifold vacuum leak somewhere as the idle seems a little high. I might do an injector flush as well.

What's next?

Further road-testing Level 3.

Bushes and suspension shocks will need an update, so will install a little low at the same time.

Things I'd like help with (?): Some nicer wheels ideally some basket-weaves that fit an e30 & some random trim panels. Drop me a line if you think you can help.

Next report due with some completed photos when I'm allowed to leave home.

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