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An electrical question regarding fuses

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Hey guys 

I'm trying to hardwire in a radar detector but 

I have an inline 2a glass fuse with holder (22awg)

And an add-a-circuit that requires a fuse (with 16awg)

I have a 5A blade fuse for the add a circuit with 2A ordered, but I'm wondering if I can just wire in with a 5A in the add-a-circuit and 2A from there and have no problems?

My uneducated guess is I'll be fine because as soon as more amps than 2 flow through itll blow the weaker fuse.

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I think I understand what you are explaining, basically that you will have 2x fuses supplying one device? A 5A fuse supplying a 2A fuse.

There isnt anything wrong with that other that a bit OTT but due to the parts you have on hand why not. 

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I'm struggling to understand your question but with two unequal value fuses in series the lowest value will be the fuse that breaks the circuit and when in parallel it will be the highest. 

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23 hours ago, Muncie said:

All good as is 5a protects wiring 2a protects your device. Bang it in.

Sounds like they are in series, if so the 5 amp fuse won't protect anything. (i.e. the 2 amp fuse will always blow first!).:wink:

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