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Shakotoms CB360


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19 hours ago, xsinclairx said:

Damn those vans grips are sweet! I want some for my potato. 

I also spy an old “I <3 stance“ sticker! Nice. 

The grips are great, I run them on this/cb360/adv50/have similar ones on my BMX / Retro MTB. I got them from https://www.tcbroschoppers.com


and yeah there’s some throwbacks when you look at the stickers on the toolboxes.


Anyone have recommendations on a muffler?
I am wanting to stick with a high pipe, and will remake the header pipe to tuck it in closer but a muffler that is smaller and with a few more baffles than the current unbaffled one it has. I’ve been looking at a single one of these from Purpose Built Moto, but if anyone has any other ideas it would be appreciated


WTB: Honda XR200 motor…


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i highly recommend those purpose built moto mufflers, have had them on my bmw and cb50 and they have a sweet tone to them and look rad, they also actually do muffling unlike those Chinese reverse cone ones

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