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Aubs raty fa50

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So last night i brought a sj50

Mate had a sad fa50 frame.....

Couldn't help my self.....


Had to make some hunky dory spec engine mounts to strech so would actually fit. Seem to be ok.. but need to space them to get 100%but its only been acouple of hours so forgive me.

Need to make a rear shock or something to hold the ass up as shes just chilling atm.

Couple spears around made there way 

Will tydy up as time go on..

Alredy had running and seems to run fairly well




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Rock and or roll.

Shes rideable. All bolted up now feels fairly decent down the road. Iddles well takes off well bit bogy under full throttle so carb needs a clean. But shes takes off and goes ill take that as a win



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So to get this fibe peice of automotive porn to run the whole loom got chucked under the seat were the 2 stroke tank would b.

Now i actually got off my ass and tydy it up got rid of what wasnt needed and yea wahla

2nd pic for an idea of the Oriental noodel mess that was


Screenshot_20201123-122054_Video Player.jpg

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Sooo the rats 2 strokers ringading ding decided to to become a pain in de butt.

So thinking to eaither muck around with it or put in something more reliable.

I had a spear mint gy6 in my shed. And harvest some parts of a parts bike got off a mate. Had to make a longer pole and strech even more..

Gota get a spedo on it. Shes prety quick quicker than before.

Just gota tydy up loom ect now and paint rear wheel.

But super stooked with it now goes way harder ok not mixn gas and slapn ass but one of my other bikes is a gy6 and had for a long time and been a charm 




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Finally got this thing set up well enough to fell confident in riding for a decent amount of time. Jusr been susin all the small stuff.

Had my gps spedo on and got to hit 70kms was prety sketch hahha but fun.




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So removed the centre stand. To give more ground clearance loads better. Still able to kick start so chur.

Condinplateing on painting aswell or do i leave it hmmmh




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On 04/04/2021 at 10:57, Metalhead96 said:

This is so rad. Given me inspiration to do something similar.  Just aquired a fz50 frame and have a gy6 aswell. Too cool bro!

Yea bro do it. Goes super well way quicker than my other stock fa50

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Shoulda done a long time ago..

Made another stabilizer for the exhaust side from strut mount to engine also raised the rear abit. Far more rideable now and feels more solid


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